What If Your Event Community Marketed Itself? HLTH 2018

What if your event community marketed itself? Watch how HLTH, the largest conference for health innovation, reached nearly a million of their attendees' connections thanks to InGo.

By using world-of-mouth marketing, a method which is 2-3x more successful than standard marketing approaches, InGo empowers attendees and exhibitors to invite their most influential connections.

When just one leader shares your event using InGo, you’re able to reach their entire network of potential attendees. One post can lead to hundreds of likes, clicks, and new registrants who will then share your event with their own network. This domino effect of digital word-of-mouth marketing allows you to obtain thousands of new attendees.

Because of InGo, event organizers like those at HLTH have seen their number of attendees more than double. Join the other leading event professionals who have changed the future of their events by empowering attendees with word-of-mouth marketing --- try our demo today.