How to Increase Value for Your Exhibitors

With the dawn of digital media, many marketing channels have seen precipitous declines; print publishing is a well-known and startling example.  With the cavalcade of new, low-cost, feature-rich capabilities of digital media, some even predicted the complete demise of all traditional marketing and business channels.  But while certainly disruptive, not all dire predictions have played out as some had thought.  Trade shows and exhibitions, for instance, have not seen the same decline as channels such as print publishing. In fact they are growing and growing fast!  It seems there is still value in face–to–face meetings, not only for networking but also for sellers and buyers to meet in order to show and evaluate goods and services.

In fact, in a survey conducted by CEIR, 99% of marketers said trade shows provided them value not experienced through other channels and 60% of exhibitors said one of their top three most valued aspects of a trade show was the ability to see lots of their prospects and customers at the same time.

InGo is already known for providing organizers with unmatched attendee growth, but the advocate marketing it empowers also produces a powerful ROI for exhibitors. As a result of InGo’s Advocate Marketing driving organic growth in qualified net new attendance, exhibitors are presented with exactly what they want - more prospects and customers all in one place. In fact, the quantity and quality of attendance produced by InGo at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair so impressed exhibitors that they significantly increased space and ICFF doubled in size in just three years.

So it is no surprise that many of the world's Global 2000 companies have used InGo to increase the value of exhibiting at trade shows. Companies like Walmart, BMW, IBM, Telefónica, Walt Disney, Berkshire Hathaway, General Electric, Proctor and Gamble, and AT&T have used InGo (as well as over 52,000 other companies) and discovered that with InGo, exhibitors are empowered to maximize their ROI.

How? We’ve created a simple infographic on how easy it is to increase value for your exhibitors by installing InGo.

Ready to provide your exhibitors with their best event yet? 

The Secret to Social Media Marketing is . . .

There’s no question that your audience is on social media.  Billions of people are already using social media and that number increases every day. And companies are responding; the fastest growing marketing budget item is social media. But the returns don’t seem to be there yet: only 21% of event marketers say their efforts on social are “effective,” and amongst event companies, social media enjoys the lowest perceived ROI, along with print advertising.

We believe this is because social media represents a different type of opportunity, which requires a different thought process and approach to attain, and our results bear this out.  Compared with traditional marketing channels, the people on social media are not just a ‘targeted audience;’ they are, in a sense, personal marketers themselves, looking to connect. As such, old fashioned, blunt-force tactics appropriate to other marketing channels will drive disappointing results.

Instead of paying for placement, SEO, and clicks, event marketers have the opportunity to use social media to spark the most effective and brand-building marketing there is: “word-of-mouth” marketing created by Advocates.

Here’s an infographic covering why we believe the secret to social media marketing is ADVOCATES.