InGo Awards: March Winners

Spring has finally sprung at the InGo global headquarters just outside Washington DC. March was a glorious month, filled with sunny skies, blooming trees, and of course, amazing InGo customers!

Here are the winners of this edition of the InGo Awards, recognizing March's best events, campaigns and the InGo customers behind them.


CeMAT 2016: Hannover Fairs & etouches
This award recognizes the team that had an outstanding kick-off to their InGo marketing campaign in March. Following InGo best practices, both the Log In and Social widgets are integrated into the registration page design. With a full four months of advocate empowerment, we predict great results on this one! 


North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging: Exposition Development & Custom Registration
This award recognizes the event with the fastest, best install we saw in March. Not only did this event install a visually pleasing integration, it went live quickly and easily. Great team work on the part of the organizer and registration company!

Best Growth

Plastimagen México 2016: E.J. Krause & Acob Tecnologia de Datos
This award recognizes the event and registration team whose hard work paid off. Due to this team's great event content and use of the InGo widgets in Spanish, a high percentage of Plastimagen México attendees advocated for the show and made it the top growing event in March. Congrats! 

InGo Awards: November Winners

We know that this time of year can be busy, with holiday preparations, and for our American friends, recovering from over-indulging on Thanksgiving. But we couldn't let the last month of the year slide by without recognizing some of the great eventprofs, registration companies and account managers whose efforts have shone through the holiday haze.

Here's the November winners of the InGo Awards, recognizing outstanding events, campaigns and the people behind them.

Congratulations to this month's winners! 

Best Kick Off Campaign

Packaging Innovations: Easyfairs & N200

This award recognizes the team that had an outstanding kick-off to their InGo marketing campaign. With a quick install, clear call-to-action, and the LogIn and Social Widgets featured side-by-side and above the fold on the registration page, look for Packaging Innovations to set some attendance records. 

Lightning   Installation

Employee Benefits Connect: Centaur Live

This award recognizes the event with the fastest, best install we've seen this month. The Centaur team followed the InGo installation instructions and was able to independently install the widgets quickly and easily within a day of receiving the code. Now, Centaur uses InGo on all their events, but pros still get MVP awards.

Best Growth

FENATRAN: Reed Exhibitions & etouches

This award recognizes the event and registration team whose hard work paid off. Due to this team's great event content, following of InGo best practices and a great campaign, FENATRAN put up amazing numbers and is the top growing event in November. Congrats!

Get Social When it Comes to Registration

by Kristen Carvalho, Senior Content & Social Media Manager, etouches

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the new trends and fads, which can be especially true when it comes to social media. There is a new social network or app coming out daily, for example have you heard of Boomerang yet? It is important that you not only keep up with social media on a personal level so your friends don’t think you’ve been living under a rock, but on a professional level as well to help your organization grow. 

When it comes to the events industry, social media can be used on multiple levels to increase registration, communication and engagement. According to the GWI Social report, on average people are actively using 4 social platforms. That allows for multiple touch points with your attendees and you have to find a way to reach them on these platforms. Most people would look to social media purely for communication purposes, but what about for registration? Social registration is becoming a function that multiple registration providers are implementing in their software in order to meet the needs of their clients and their clients’ attendees’. 

Unsure what social registration is? It is the ability to register for an event or log into a website using a specific social media application’s user credentials. That means when visiting a website, they may give you the option to log in or register using your Facebook, Twitter or other social media IDs. There are many benefits to using social registration for your events, and we are going to go into them below to help you “get with the times” when it comes to event registration! 

Ability for Quick Registration

You have probably seen multiple posts on the web on how to make your event registration process simple for attendees. Attendees hate when registering for an event takes them more than 5 minutes, and trust, me a lot of them do. You already have your attendees wanting to come to your event, so why do you make them jump through hoops just to secure their place? Social registration makes the process quick and easy. All they have to do is click the social media button that they want to sign on with, and the form will auto fill with the correct information. 

Spread the Word About Your Event

As an event organizer, you want to have returning attendees year after year, but you are also looking for new prospects to attend your event. That is where social registration can come into play. With tools like InGo, once your attendees register via their social media account, they will be able to share their excitement for your event through their news feed and personally invite people in their network that may be interested in the event! As an organizer this gives you access to a whole new audience. 

Facilitates Networking

Again, using an app like InGo will allow your attendees to network with fellow event goers before the event. When they register socially, they will be taken to a page that allows them to see the social profile of other attendees. They can see who is already in their network, and also who isn’t but they would like to connect with.

This is a huge bonus for attendees because they will be able to make connections before the event that will allow them to establish a relationship, so when the event comes it is easier to communicate with their peers. 

Helps with Your Marketing Engine

When someone registers for your event, you collect that social data and store it in your CRM or marketing automation system. This will help with future communication that you have with your attendees. By having them use social registration, you are able to store their actions and personalize the experience the next time around based on their social identity. 

Easy for Mobile Users

People today own at least 1.57 mobile devices, which means a good chuck of your attendees are probably going to be registering for your event on a tablet or phone. Social registration makes the process a lot easier for them. If you don’t have a website that is optimized for mobile or even if you do, the social registration screen simplifies the process and they won’t have to try and type in those tiny forms. 

Not only is it easier to register, but research shows that more people are inclined to share when they are using their phones (probably because majority of people use social media solely on their phones.) This is great news for you, because your attendees are now more likely to invite their friends to your event or share that they are attending. 

Establish Your Event Community

Pre-event, you will be promoting all that is happening via social media. You probably have a hashtag for your event that you hope people are using to communicate. However, sometimes people forget to use it and that means that you are missing out on the chatter about your event. 

When someone uses the social sign-in option, you have collected the data for their social accounts and you are able to store this information. With your marketing or social media team, you can create a list of the accounts of attendees to follow pre, during and post event in order to see what they are saying about your event. This gives you the ability to respond to their feedback and to share their positive comments about your event. It is all about creating a community! 

Social registration is not only beneficial to make the process quick and easy for attendees, but it also helps with your event marketing efforts. Your attendees live on social media, so use that to your advantage. Give your attendees the simple process they are looking for, while at the same time increasing your event’s reach and ultimately growing your event community.   

InGo, etouches and Reed Exhibitions Bring Advocate Marketing to Brazil

InGo Integrated on FENATRAN; Adds Support for Portuguese 

ARLINGTON, VA/LONDON, UK - (10 November 2015)  InGo, the socially smart Advocate Marketing platform growing events all over the world, and Reed Exhibitions have announced that they will expand their relationship into Brazil. FENATRAN is in its 20th year and is run by Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado, the leading Brazilian events organiser.

The InGo and etouches partnership allowed the show to be fully integrated and live in less than a day, and it has seen great performance in all categories - social engagement, growth, and cost per acquisition. Following a host of Reed Exhibitions shows that have enjoyed exceptional returns by deploying InGo over the last year, this show stands out as it marks the first full integration of Portuguese, the sixth most spoken language on the planet, into the InGo Software Suite.

“Ingo is proving to be one of our most promising marketing channels as we roll out to multiple countries around the globe,” said Ade Allenby, Global Digital Innovation Manager at Reed Exhibitions. “We are excited to now have the option to add this innovative tool onto our Portuguese language events.”

“This event is a great partnership between InGo, Reed Exhibitions, and InGo Certified Partner, etouches,” said Michael Barnett, CEO of InGo. “We are so pleased to work with these great teams to empower even more attendees to be Advocates.”

About InGo – InGo is a social media Advocate Marketing company that grows events by empowering organizers and attendees. With offices in the US, UK and Italy and partners on six continents, InGo serves the largest event companies in the world such as Reed Exhibitions, Emerald Expositions, Fiera Milano and UBM.  InGo provides event marketing solutions for varied industries such as tech, fashion, construction, media, film and more across the globe.  It has been in business since 2013 and has served over 350 events on six continents.  Discover how InGo can grow your event at

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