InGo Offers Full Access Free Trial; Introduces New Pricing to Serve Events of All Sizes

Arlington, VA/London, UK - (June 14, 2015) - InGo, the award winning Advocate Marketing platform growing events all over the world, today announced its new pricing structure. Recognizing that all organizers are looking for a way to grow their events, but that these events and organizers come in different shapes and sizes, the new structure is designed to allow events of all sizes access to powerful word-of-mouth marketing powered by social media, and pay only for performance.

InGo’s Software Suite helps brands inspire and enable their community to become Advocates. Empowered advocates do more than just grow an event; they reach millions of people in a trusted, personal way, creating unparalleled brand affinity by connecting their personal brand to the event’s brand, turbocharging all marketing campaigns. InGo’s new performance pricing is based entirely on how many Advocates are created.

For full details on the new pricing or to order online, click here.

In addition to performance based pricing, InGo has also unveiled a Free Trial. Now event organizers can see for themselves the amazing growth and buzz created by Advocates by trying InGo FREE for 30 days. The trial includes the full InGo Social Marketing Platform and unlimited Advocates. InGo has always offered an interactive demo but this trial will break the barriers to entry for many potential clients who can now see the results on their own events before purchasing the product. 

For more information or to start your Free Trial, click here.

“Advocates are the most powerful way to build your brand and grow your event, and our results bear this out,” said Michael Barnett, InGo CEO. “Our confidence in our product made offering a Free Trial and pricing based solely on performance a natural fit. We are so excited to take another step towards empowering Advocates at every event around the globe.”

The Secret to Social Media Marketing is . . .

There’s no question that your audience is on social media.  Billions of people are already using social media and that number increases every day. And companies are responding; the fastest growing marketing budget item is social media. But the returns don’t seem to be there yet: only 21% of event marketers say their efforts on social are “effective,” and amongst event companies, social media enjoys the lowest perceived ROI, along with print advertising.

We believe this is because social media represents a different type of opportunity, which requires a different thought process and approach to attain, and our results bear this out.  Compared with traditional marketing channels, the people on social media are not just a ‘targeted audience;’ they are, in a sense, personal marketers themselves, looking to connect. As such, old fashioned, blunt-force tactics appropriate to other marketing channels will drive disappointing results.

Instead of paying for placement, SEO, and clicks, event marketers have the opportunity to use social media to spark the most effective and brand-building marketing there is: “word-of-mouth” marketing created by Advocates.

Here’s an infographic covering why we believe the secret to social media marketing is ADVOCATES.