InGo Awards Reviews - ICFF Miami

We’ve been doing these awards for almost year now and the response has been great. In fact, we constantly get asked for more detail on why an event won the award it did. The marketing managers we hear from are always looking to improve, and are hungry for the best ideas out there, especially those that are tried and proven by their colleagues.

You ask. We deliver!  Moving forward on our Awards, we’ll be periodically featuring marketing gurus from around the world, who will provide a deeper look at the “why” of one of our award winners, and an explanation of the top moves that set them apart. We’ll begin with our very own Mad Man, (and COO) Steve O’Keefe. Take it away, Steve.

Greetings Music Makers, Dreamer of Dreams,

One of the great joys of working at InGo is seeing the parade of amazing events, and the creativity that goes into each one. Let’s dive into one of our award winners for June and you’ll see what I mean.

ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) Miami

ICFF Miami is an expansion of the wildly successful ICFF NYC franchise, and an event organized by Emerald Expositions. Lead by Kevin O’Keefe, ICFF stands out for many reasons, but here I’ll look at three top moves in particular, that I think contribute to ICFF’s amazing success. 

Extraordinary Content

First off, Kev is an artist. He and his team always lead with the work of the artisans. You can see this play out in his choice of imagery. Every page puts his customer’s work front and center. This focus emphasizes the fact that this shows is about the artist and their creations.

Another Gorgeous ICFF Exhibitor

Another Gorgeous ICFF Exhibitor

Top Move: Make sure your site leads with the work of your exhibitors. That’s what people are going to see, and what your exhibitors value.

Use of Color

You can also see the artistry in his use of bold colors. He wants to convey the sense of engagement via warm vivid tones which look great on our high def screens. My favorite is how he uses color to extend the brand of ICFF, but simultaneously localize it to it’s new setting; the aqua blue of the southern ocean is everywhere, bringing to mind Miami. The cosmopolitan black chic of ICFF NYC is replaced by the gentle, welcoming blue.

Anyone for a swim in tranquil blue, waters?

Anyone for a swim in tranquil blue, waters?

Top Move: It’s not possible in a post-Apple world to leave out the humanities and emotive design of your website. What is your branding saying?


The ICFF team was the first to embrace advocate marketing. Realizing that the one-way communication of traditional marketing was creating disappointed attendees and frustrated exhibitors, they began to shape an interactive experience between all parties, driving social traffic and buzz 30X higher than much larger, competitive shows; and all the content was organic. They doubled the size of the show in 3 years and now are regionalizing it. ICFF became “the show” in interior design because they let their attendees be part of the conversation. 

ICFF Miami is no exception to their winning formula.  You can see  InGo's “Who’s In” persistent on every page. Inviting the prospect to engage with their fellow attendees, exhibitors and prospects.

ICFF, where the beautiful people are….

ICFF, where the beautiful people are….

Top Move: Let your attendees be part of your brand.  People go to live events to see PEOPLE!

This year ICFF is taking their show to the next level again.  It is introducing a new InGo product which allows exhibitors to know which customers from their network will be joining them on site. The power of social networking is brought to the live event experience.

ICFF Uses InGo to Expand Its Brand; Adds a Miami Beach Show

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is not only North America’s premier platform for global design but it is also a leader in innovation for the events industry. In 2013, the team at Emerald Expositions responsible for ICFF made a decision to refresh and revitalize the 25 year old show. The goal - make ICFF the place to find all of what’s best and what’s next in design for interiors. The strategy - build new features and great content and then deliver a bigger and better audience. The tool - InGo.

For the 2013 show, ICFF worked with InGo to deploy a beta version for a two-week test period. The results were so promising, ICFF integrated InGo for the full registration cycle in 2014 and 2015, and ICFF doubled in size! You can read the full results in the ICFF InGo Case Study located here

Fast forward to the 2016 show, which just closed it’s doors on May 17th. This year’s results kept pace with prior years; 22% of pre-registrants were acquired through the InGo channel and ICFF did it for an attendee acquisition cost that was 30 times lower than the industry average! Further, the sales team at ICFF began to send all prospective exhibitors to “Who’s In” when they were making the decision on whether to exhibit and ICFF achieved more booth sales as a result.

What did all this growth and cost savings mean for the show? Not only was ICFF named one of the Top 25 Fastest-growing Shows in the 2015 TSNN Annual Awards, their brand grew so significantly they are premiering the first ICFF Miami on October 5th and 6th at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“Our commitment to attendance growth as a key driver for business expansion has been a success for ICFF,” said Kevin O’Keefe, ICFF Event Director. “InGo has played a critical role in achieving this growth.”

ICFF lead the industry in testing the original InGo beta and they are once again driving innovation by testing the InGo Social Exhibitor Networking beta at ICFF Miami. Stay tuned for results!