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The 10 Best Event Marketing Tools in 2018

The 10 Best Event Marketing Tools in 2018

2018 research from Eventbrite found that 57% of organizers planned to hold more events this year than in 2017. However, with more events being thrown, companies are going to have to get more creative with their event marketing to attract guests and stay ahead of the competition. We’ve ranked ten of the best tools to market your event.

The Event World Changed Forever Last Week - “Now They Know”

The Event World Changed Forever Last Week - “Now They Know”

Last week, something happened that changed the event world for ever.  200 events successfully used InGo’s attendee intelligence feature, called Network Notifications, to notify their attendees and exhibitors which of their friends and customers were coming to the event.   This technology will change every aspect of event economics from why events sell-out, to whether exhibitors decide to exhibit at an event.  For the first time in event history, attendees and exhibitors will be notified (90 days before event, then fortnightly afterwards) who they know at an event. If you understand human nature and the business of events, you understand the seismic ramifications of this.

InGo Interviews Richard Brook, Divisional Marketing Director at Informa, About Key Marketing Challenges In the Event Industry

Informa Exhibitions, the Global Exhibitions Division of Informa PLC, is mid-way through its Marketing Transformation Program. The Program is driven by the requirement to engage with customers, buy-side and sell-side, via channels appropriate to them rather than convenient for the organizer, with targeted, personalized content. Alongside the deployment of new marketing applications across its global business to help achieve the aim, Rich Brook, Informa’s SVP Marketing, turned to InGo to help maximize reach and optimize the customer journey.

New InGo Demo Shows Advocate Marketing In Action

Boost every marketing and sales campaign with word-of-mouth marketing

Arlington, VA/London, UK - (April 21, 2016) - InGo, the world’s leading social media Advocate Marketing company, announced today the release of its new demo to allow users to see the power of Advocate Marketing in action. This new demo, which takes less than one minute to complete, means that everyone can experience the deceptively simple but astoundingly powerful tech that has been exponentially growing events across the globe by creating Advocates who generate word-of-mouth marketing.

The InGo Suite of widgets have a track record of best-in-class results enabling word-of-mouth marketing and building event attendance. This product saves organizers an average of 65% on attendee acquisition costs, simply by tapping into the power of the “social” in “social media marketing.”  Attendees are encouraged to become advocates for the events they’re passionate about by being able to see and search who is coming, and are empowered to share their passion by posting to their news feeds and sending personal invitations to their most relevant personal contacts.  This unlocks the unmatched power of social networks “word-of-mouth” potential, and produces astounding results in the areas of growth, engagement, conversion and cost.  Best of all, this route to attendee acquisition is brand-enhancing, not brand-deteriorating. 

“It’s well understood that “word-of-mouth” marketing is the most effective marketing out there, bar none. The problem is you can’t buy it,” said Sean Garvey, InGo’s President. “Our new demo shows how you can tap into it by giving your community the means, motive and opportunity to advocate for your event.”

“InGo Advocates were an integral part of our marketing plan for ad:tech Australia 2016 and helped us set a new record for total paid conference passes – the most sold in our 10 year history,” said Daniel Elder, Global CDO of High Tech Events at Comexposium. “Any event looking to amplify all their marketing efforts should try InGo.”

About InGo –InGo is the world’s leading social media Advocate Marketing company, empowering event organizers and attendees to exponentially grow their events using InGo’s unique socially-smart search algorithm. With offices in the US, UK and Italy and partners on six continents, InGo serves the largest event companies in the world such as Comexposium, Reed Exhibitions, Emerald Expositions, Fiera Milano and UBM.  It has been in business since 2013 and has served over 500 events on six continents.  Discover how InGo can grow your event at http://www.ingo.me/ingo-demo.  


Is Wormtongue or Gandalf Your Tech Advisor?

by Steve O'Keefe, COO, InGo

Gone are the days when marketing was just about designing beautiful mailers, billboards and memorable TV ads. The digital age has created amazing new technologies for marketers and along with it, a need for marketers to work seamlessly with IT departments. A recent Harvard Business Review piece posits that there is a gap between marketing and IT executives, who “often don’t speak the same language or understand each other’s goals or roadmaps. One of the common divides is that the former is focused on adopting the latest technologies, while the latter is focused on governance, security, and enterprise architecture.”

We’ve seen this gap first hand as innovative event marketing managers get excited about the value of Advocate Marketing but run into “Wormtongue” in their tech advisor. Grima Wormtongue, for those of you have forgotten or are unfamiliar with “The Lord the Rings” trilogy, was the chief advisor to King Théoden of Rohan but, in fact, played on the fears of the King and his family to enfeeble them. Fortunately, in Tolkien’s story, the wizard Gandalf frees the bewitched Théoden, who then condemns Wormtongue, “Your leechcraft ere long would have had me walking on all fours like a beast.” 

This scene comes to mind whenever I meet creatives surrounded by tech advisors who, via similar stratagems hinder and damage the creatives’ efforts to expand their offering, grow their businesses, and serve their customers. Although this is not restricted to the marketing industry, the marketing managers’ intense focus on their customers can make them prey to these Wormtongues. In most cases, you have a savvy marketing manager who is not going to be cowed into a cage, but fear is a powerful force.  Let me give you a couple examples.

Case #1 - “On All Fours”

InGo provides advocate marketing.  A prospective customer has a fairly large professional event (30-40K attendees) which is a perennial industry favorite and very profitable.  Like many shows, their traditional marketing efforts have been delivering fewer and fewer new attendees and the show had declined a few percentage points the last couple years. We were excited to, and supremely confident that we could, turn this trend around. But then we hear the following in the kick-off meeting with marketing manager’s tech advisors: 
Wormtongue:  Social sign-on will drive people away.  Do you want the show to decline more?

Ahh, Wormtongue at his best, preying on the fears that a new technology will be too risky and hurt their attendance building efforts. Our response (after wondering why the tech team was pontificating on marketing,) was that everyone is on social.  (Is this news to anyone?) When’s the last time you’ve gone to a modern website and not seen social sign-on? Furthermore, we can show you as much data as you can handle on social having higher conversion rates by far.
Wormtongue: Our database requires us to have one and only one email per attendee.  We won’t let the social data ruin our database.

Classic, preying on the fear that the technology the marketing manager relies on will not work properly if they try to add anything to it. We suggest the problem, if it is one, can be handled with a normal database lookup. However, there is a bigger gap here than most because what the tech advisor is lobbying for is to give preference to have old, out of date data and emails, instead of having guaranteed, multiple accurate ones. 
Sadly, in this case, the creative listened and fear of having to find a new tech provider won. We’ve been down this road before. Eventually, the results will get bad enough at enough shows that the creatives or their replacements will revolt and demand a flexible platform provider, but for now fear is holding sway.

Case #2 – Trusted Advisor

Info Salons is of one InGo’s partners and their Managing Director Middle East is Wilbert Heijmans. He is the perfect advisor and his customers, the largest and most prestigious shows in the region, love him for it. Wilbert knows his customers’ success depend on innovation and he is always looking for ways to bring it to them. Wilbert and his team are continuously researching and evaluating technology, especially award winners. Wilbert proactively reached out to InGo so he and his team could understand and evaluate the solution. By the time we did dmg::events’ ADIPEC together (now one of the most important and influential oil and gas events in the world!), his team's’ implementation of InGo was almost a “one-click” solution across 5 languages. As the customers in the region say to us, “He knows advocate marketing as well as you do.”
If you have a Wormtongue in your life, find a Gandalf or a Wilbert to liberate you before it's too late.

Industry Accolades Continue for Advocate Marketing Technology InGo

InGo shortlisted for “Event Tech of the Year” by the Exhibition News Awards

InGo is pleased to announce that it has been named a finalist for “Event Tech of the Year” at the upcoming Exhibition News Awards. The Awards, to be held the evening of 28 April 2016 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, are celebrating their 10th year of recognizing the best of the best in the industry.

This distinction marks the eighth time InGo has been a finalist or won an industry award since going to market in 2014, and our second recognition already in 2016, adding more confirmation that Advocate Marketing is the future of event marketing technology.  On behalf of the InGo global team and especially our clients, it is very gratifying to be receiving more and more industry recognition as the technology that is producing unheard of event marketing results.

“The continued accolades for InGo are no surprise to us,” said John Whitaker, Digital & Data Director at dmg::events. “This innovative tool has provided us consistently impressive results across all metrics. Congratulations to the team at InGo.”

Want to see for yourself what all the hype is about?

InGo Tagged As an Event Trend for 2016

EventMB Includes InGo in 10 Event Trends for 2016 Report

On Tuesday, EventMB released one of it’s most popular annual reports, Event Trends for the upcoming year. Since 2010, they’ve been collecting the data from their research, including thousands of questionnaires from eventprofs and insights from their database of startups, and highlighting the trends that will have the biggest impact on your event and the event industry at large in the coming year.

The newest addition of their report is themed #backtotech, as more than ever eventprofs are investing in event technology as the way to jump their event planning and management hurdles. In fact, EventMB’s research shows that “94% of event professionals will invest in technology to increase engagement at events [and] 75% of event professionals with buy Apps to increase engagement.”

InGo is excited to be included in Trend #7: Social Ambassadors, as providing technology to enable eventprofs to increase engagement is central to what we do. We whole heartily agree with EventMBs claim that “Peer referral is one of the strongest drivers of event registration.” And InGo’s customers have proven the theory time and again by using InGo to enable organic referrals and thus growing their events. Check out our series of Joint Case Studies to see why InGo will be the the event trend to watch not only in 2016 but well into the future. 

You can read the full report from EventMB here.

Get Social When it Comes to Registration

by Kristen Carvalho, Senior Content & Social Media Manager, etouches

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the new trends and fads, which can be especially true when it comes to social media. There is a new social network or app coming out daily, for example have you heard of Boomerang yet? It is important that you not only keep up with social media on a personal level so your friends don’t think you’ve been living under a rock, but on a professional level as well to help your organization grow. 

When it comes to the events industry, social media can be used on multiple levels to increase registration, communication and engagement. According to the GWI Social report, on average people are actively using 4 social platforms. That allows for multiple touch points with your attendees and you have to find a way to reach them on these platforms. Most people would look to social media purely for communication purposes, but what about for registration? Social registration is becoming a function that multiple registration providers are implementing in their software in order to meet the needs of their clients and their clients’ attendees’. 

Unsure what social registration is? It is the ability to register for an event or log into a website using a specific social media application’s user credentials. That means when visiting a website, they may give you the option to log in or register using your Facebook, Twitter or other social media IDs. There are many benefits to using social registration for your events, and we are going to go into them below to help you “get with the times” when it comes to event registration! 

Ability for Quick Registration

You have probably seen multiple posts on the web on how to make your event registration process simple for attendees. Attendees hate when registering for an event takes them more than 5 minutes, and trust, me a lot of them do. You already have your attendees wanting to come to your event, so why do you make them jump through hoops just to secure their place? Social registration makes the process quick and easy. All they have to do is click the social media button that they want to sign on with, and the form will auto fill with the correct information. 

Spread the Word About Your Event

As an event organizer, you want to have returning attendees year after year, but you are also looking for new prospects to attend your event. That is where social registration can come into play. With tools like InGo, once your attendees register via their social media account, they will be able to share their excitement for your event through their news feed and personally invite people in their network that may be interested in the event! As an organizer this gives you access to a whole new audience. 

Facilitates Networking

Again, using an app like InGo will allow your attendees to network with fellow event goers before the event. When they register socially, they will be taken to a page that allows them to see the social profile of other attendees. They can see who is already in their network, and also who isn’t but they would like to connect with.

This is a huge bonus for attendees because they will be able to make connections before the event that will allow them to establish a relationship, so when the event comes it is easier to communicate with their peers. 

Helps with Your Marketing Engine

When someone registers for your event, you collect that social data and store it in your CRM or marketing automation system. This will help with future communication that you have with your attendees. By having them use social registration, you are able to store their actions and personalize the experience the next time around based on their social identity. 

Easy for Mobile Users

People today own at least 1.57 mobile devices, which means a good chuck of your attendees are probably going to be registering for your event on a tablet or phone. Social registration makes the process a lot easier for them. If you don’t have a website that is optimized for mobile or even if you do, the social registration screen simplifies the process and they won’t have to try and type in those tiny forms. 

Not only is it easier to register, but research shows that more people are inclined to share when they are using their phones (probably because majority of people use social media solely on their phones.) This is great news for you, because your attendees are now more likely to invite their friends to your event or share that they are attending. 

Establish Your Event Community

Pre-event, you will be promoting all that is happening via social media. You probably have a hashtag for your event that you hope people are using to communicate. However, sometimes people forget to use it and that means that you are missing out on the chatter about your event. 

When someone uses the social sign-in option, you have collected the data for their social accounts and you are able to store this information. With your marketing or social media team, you can create a list of the accounts of attendees to follow pre, during and post event in order to see what they are saying about your event. This gives you the ability to respond to their feedback and to share their positive comments about your event. It is all about creating a community! 

Social registration is not only beneficial to make the process quick and easy for attendees, but it also helps with your event marketing efforts. Your attendees live on social media, so use that to your advantage. Give your attendees the simple process they are looking for, while at the same time increasing your event’s reach and ultimately growing your event community.   

5 Great Tech Tools for #Eventprofs

Tech tools for Eventprofs According to this CareerCast Study, event planners have the 5th most stressful job in America and we’re fairly sure the stress extends worldwide! So, eventprofs are always looking for great tools to streamline, organize and otherwise make our lives easier. Here’s a few of my favorite tech tools you might want to put in your toolbox as well.

Streamline with Online Apps

1.  If you’re like most event planners, you have a thousand things to do every day, so you know you have to organize your tasks. (Did we mention it’s the 5th most stressful job?) Trello is a simple task management system that is easy to learn, offers lots of functionality, and is the right price for every budget - free. More than just a task list, Trello lets you upload attachments, set due dates, make checklists, even color code labels. Work collaboratively with one or ten different teams by using the Organizations feature. You can even start discussions, mention other members to notify them, or assign tasks to team members. With a comprehensive notification system, you’ll never miss a deadline again.

2.  Every event planners needs a little (or a lot) of automation in their life! Zapier is an app that lets your other apps work together so you don’t have to perform the same task over and over. You create your Zap so that when X happens in App 1, Y happens in App 2. Need to add that new contact you just scanned with Full Contact to your MailChimp list, create a trigger and your Zap will take care of it each time automatically. Zapier offers more than 300 integrations, so your biggest problem will be deciding where to start automating your life.

3.  You know you need to pay attention to what’s being said about your event but it so hard to keep up. Mention is an online tool that lets you monitor not just social media activity around your event but also anything published on news sites, forums, blogs or any web page. You can simply track the data about where and when your event is being talked about, or you can connect your social accounts, and with the alert feature, you can react to any questions from attendees in real time without leaving the app. Best of all, it also has a function that allows you to work as a team to share the load!

When there ISN'T an app for that

4.  Apps are great but we still have to work in the real world and for that there is tech that connects us to our online tools. Are you still using the headphones that came with your cell phone? In case you haven’t heard, wires are out, bluetooth is in! Make the switch to  wireless headphones and break free from the tangled cords tying you to your devices. Not only can tech like this help you relax on a plane or drown out footsteps in the hotel, most sets come with a built in mic so they double as a headset for making calls. Make sure to get ones with a charging case for those long days on the show floor.

5.  Speaking of charging your devices, fully powered phones, bluetooths, computers and tablets are not negotiable for crunch days. A charging hub like the Hub 9000 can charge that dead cell phone and laptop at the same time anywhere you are to give you almost 2 days of additional battery life. Never get stuck standing near an outlet to make your calls again!

What are your favorite tech tool? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

InGo Integration on Photography 2015 Fuels Incredible Conversion Rate

Photo + InGo

The Photography Show achieves high registration and conversion rates using InGo’s Socially-Smart Software.

LONDON, UK/ARLINGTON, VA (May 12, 2015) - The Photography Show, held at NEC Birmingham UK  this past March, has confirmed its final numbers for the 2015 show and the results are outstanding.

InGo, the award-winning socially-smart event marketing solution, partnered with Future PLC, the organiser of the The Photography Show, and Interchange Communications, the show’s registration company, integrating InGo’s software suite into its registration platform. The partnership produced a conversion rate 10% higher than the industry average, with consumer pre-registration up 24% and trade pre-registration up 19%. This was fuelled primarily by The Photography Show 2015 attendees utilizing InGo. An amazing 3,945 registrants became advocates for the show by sending almost 10,000 personal invitations to the show and creating 750,000 trusted impressions on their social media networks.

“We were very happy to partner with InGo to drive registration and conversion,” said Grace Turner, Marketing Manager at Future PLC. “The integration with our registration platform was really straight forward and the results are very promising. We would be keen to see the results from InGo again next year.”

Phil Vann, Managing Director at Interchange Communications, said, “InGo continues to prove that it is much more than a social-media based registration tool; it is really a powerful marketing tool that should be included in every event budget.” (Read more about Vann’s thoughts on social media registration and event marketing in the May edition of Exhibition News.)

“I’d like to thank Future PLC and The Photography Show for a great partnership,” said Richard Sarbutts, Managing Director, EMEA at InGo. “It was clear that their attendees were excited for the show and InGo was able to give them the means, motive and opportunity to become powerful advocates.” Sarbutts continued, “These results are just the tip of the iceberg; stay tuned for an InGo/Future PLC joint case study on the show for even more details.”

About InGo – InGo is a social media event marketing company that empowers event organizers and attendees. InGo serves the largest event companies in the world such as Reed Exhibitions, Emerald Expositions, Hanley Wood (now Informa) and UBM.  InGo provides event marketing solutions for varied industries such as tech, fashion, construction, media, film and more across the globe.  It has been in business since 2013 and has served over 200 events in the U.S., Australia, Germany, Columbia, Nigeria, the UK, Turkey, Japan and Russia.  Discover how InGo can grow your event at http://regdemo.ingo.me.

Contact Kristina Mirus, Marketing Associate, at kmirus@letsingo.com, or +1-877-972-7891 ext. 3


InGo is Shortlisted for IMEX/Event Manager Blog Start-Up Competition

IMEX EMB banner InGo is please to announce it is among only 10 start-ups shortlisted for the upcoming Event Start-Up Competition, hosted by IMEX and Event Manager Blog. InGo CEO Michael Barnett will go head-to-head with the 9 other event tech finalists in the live competition to take place on Tuesday, May 19 at IMEX in Frankfurt.

We are honored that our efforts to revolutionize the events industry with advocate marketing have been recognized by a competition designed specifically to "find and showcase the most innovative event technology start-ups." We are looking forward to meeting all the Eventprofs and other start-ups in Frankfurt.

Will you be in Frankfurt? Let us know; we'd love to meet you!

Throwback Thursday - InGo included in "Tech Trends to Watch"

All the way back in January 2014, InGo was tapped as a Tech Trend to Watch by Trade Show Executive. (Read the full article here.)TradeShowExec Cover Since then, InGo has become THE solution to outdated and ineffective event marketing tools like mailers, phone calls and purchasing e-mail lists. Event organizers average double-digit attendance growth when they utilize InGo to its full potential.  Top organizers like Reed Exhibitions, UBM, i2i, Emerald Expositions, Diversified, and more have implemented InGo as the definitive growth tool.

Oh, and did we mention InGo was named "Best Event Software" at the Event Technology Awards?

InGo wins Best Event Software at Event Tech Awards 2014


4 Events Every Event Technology Prof Should Think About Attending This Year

Every year brings the same question for event professionals, “What conferences and events should I attend this year?” 2015 is shaping up to be another great year for event technology, bringing with it many quality conferences. But, let’s face it, no one has the time or budget to attend every one. Which ones are right for you? Well, if your bread and butter comes specifically from event technology, consider these four (with a bonus event at the end.) Eventex Congress 2015 (Sofia, Bulgaria): February 25-26, 2015

This two day Congress features two one-day conferences on Event Technology and Event Marketing. Learn about the latest event tech trends and how to use them the first day; then delve into all the ins and outs of using technology to market events. On your breaks, meet providers and network with your peers at the Expo portion of the Congress. With the Awards Gala Ceremony the first evening and Eventex Party at the end of the second day, you’ll have a fun AND productive couple of days.

Tech Fest 2015 (London): June 19, 2015

More interested in good looking event technology? Then this London event, which proclaims “It's all about looks at Tech Fest 2015,” is right up your alley. With a line up of great speakers and a relative low cost if you sign up before the end of January (that’s right, pretty much NOW), this one day event is a good bang for your buck. Want a sample of what will be available, check our their videos from 2014. http://video.tech-fest.co.uk/

Event Tech 2015 (Las Vegas): November 2-4, 2015

Need a North American location? Touted as “the world’s largest event technology lab,” this conference boasts unusual features such as a “Campus” conference, where all the sessions and tech are located in one huge space so you can attend a session and go straight to trying out the technology. Combine this with more than 100 sessions taught by industry leaders, the Event Technology Awards, and a warm location in November, and this event is a contender for your list.

Meeting Technology Expo (Location and Date TBD)

Focused on event technology education, this Expo is geared for the corporate, association, independent and trade show planner. MTE educational seminars also qualify for CAE hours and CMP CEU credits. A nice feature you don’t find everywhere are the MTE 1-on-1 appointments, where planners use your registration info to match you with the vendor that will be the most likely solution for your needs. Though the location and date are not yet announced, you can get on the list to be the first to find out the when and where for 2015 here: http://www.meetingstechexpo.com/attending


Event Tech Live (London, UK): TBC

It seems that planning for Event Tech Live 2015 is still in it’s early stages, but 2014 was a great event and we expect this year to be no different. ETL is Europe's only free to attend dedicated event tech show with seminars and demos totally focused on the use of technology at events. Here’s your bonus: 2014 sessions can be viewed on their website so you can find out about new trends without leaving the sofa!

What events will you attend this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Penton to Supercharge Growth with InGo Social Marketing

InGo to Provide Social Marketing Solution for Club Industry Show 2014 to Connect and Inspire the Fitness Community. ARLINGTON, VA – Penton and InGo have announced a deal to integrate social registration at Penton’s Club Industry Show in Chicago this October. “Penton is looking forward to incorporating InGo into our Club Industry Show," said Jo Dickson, Event Technology Director at Penton. "We’re excited to give our attendees the ability to engage their social networks with ease, and we trust that they will appreciate the convenience of social registration, as well as the opportunity to introduce their friends to the event.”

“InGo is thrilled to introduce our social marketing platform to the Club Industry Show,” said Michael Barnett, InGo CEO. “It’s a great strategy for Penton to grow the event as a whole. InGo empowers fitness professionals to easily utilize social media to share their attendance and find out who in their network is attending.”

Penton’s Club Industry Show is the premier industry event for fitness professionals. For 29 years, the Club Industry Show has welcomed the fitness community to come together and discover the latest trends in fitness to better serve clients and advance business.

The only social marketing software of its kind, InGo empowers attendees to be Advocates: creating communities through use of their Social Networks, leading to more meaningful connections and events. (See InGo's Social Marketing Solution!)


About Penton

Penton drives performance for more than sixteen million professionals each and every day. These professionals rely on Penton to deliver: Insights, information & workflow tools to inform critical business decisions; networking & community to engage them with industry peers & partners; and data & marketing services to advance their business performance & deliver ROI. They look to Penton to power the possibilities. Penton is a growth company with a track-record of strong performance and success and is backed by its co-owners: MidOcean Partners and U.S. Equity Partners II, an investment fund sponsored by Wasserstein & Co., LP.

For additional information on the company and its businesses, visit www.penton.com. ###