Advocate Effect

The Advocate Effect: ADIPEC

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), organised by dmg::events, Global Energy, took advantage of the seamless integration on InGo Partner Info Salons Group. Download the Case Study to see the full results, including how they used an InGo Advocate Marketing campaign to generate over a million social impressions and engagements.

“We saw thousands of our attendees organically sharing about our event and inviting their friends and colleagues to join them. The result was amazing attendee growth and engagement and we are looking forward to a repeat performance in 2016.”
— Nour Soliman, Senior Marketing Manager at dmg::events ME

The Advocate Effect: Conference & Hospitality Show 2016

Our latest edition of The Advocate Effect, our series focused on our customers’ success stories, covers CHS Group’s Conference and Hospitality Show 2016. This easy, one-page read details how CHS saved 90% over the industry average and blew their attendance numbers out of the water. 

Download this quick and easy read to see all the numbers and discover why Julie Phillips, Communications Manager at CHS Group says, 

“InGo’s technology allowed us to achieve more results for less effort and budget by combining two of our most effective marketing channel: social media and word-of-mouth referrals. This technology is changing the way we market events.”

The Advocate Effect: Money 20/20

We often get asked, “It’s easy to see how InGo can build attendance at free events, but does it really work for paid events?” The inaugural edition of The Advocate Effect answers that question emphatically in the affirmative, revealing the success that Money 20/20 achieved using an InGo Advocate Marketing campaign to increase attendance and achieve an exceptional ROI.

Download this quick and easy read to see all the numbers and see why Sanjib Kalita, Chief Marketing Officer at Money20/20 says,

“We saw an amazing return on our InGo Advocate Marketing campaign. Not only did it provide value in building registration and attendance, but pre- and post-show engagement was better than ever.”