Social Media Marketing With Fully Measurable Results

You’ve probably heard us say that InGo provides something that other social media marketing can’t: fully measurable results. Sure, most analytics track posts, views, clicks, etc., but how do you calculate ROI based on information about how many people may have seen a post about your event? 

Our award winning Advocate Marketing software not only provides best-in-class event growth, these results are proven and measurable. Our detailed reporting system is full of useful, ROI-centric information, from how many registrants advocated for your show, to who the best connected people at your event are, to exactly how many attendees came in through the InGo channel so you can calculate a precise cost-per-acquisition. You can even calculate the pre-registration to on-site conversion rates and the percentage of net new attendees among these acquisitions. 

Sound like a marketing fairy tale? Not so. In fact, InGo results are available instantly in a constantly updating infographic for each of your events. 

We thought there was no better way to explain all the rich data you get in our results infographic and how to read it than with another infographic. Want this type of data (and unmatched growth) for your next event? Get started now.