How to Provide Valuable Leads to Your Exhibitors

68 percent of exhibitors say that lead gen is in their top three objectives for exhibiting at a trade show or conference. In fact, even in our digital world, for many companies, face-to-face marketing events are their most valuable marketing channel. This is the promise of an event, made to both the attendees and exhibitors; come and meet the people you are trying to find!

But sometimes this is a struggle, and oftentimes exhibitors walk away vaguely disappointed with the return on their investment.  Well, there is good news for show organizers, and it is InGo.

InGo is already known for providing best-in-class attendee growth for events, but the advocate marketing it empowers also produces a powerful ROI for exhibitors. Exhibitors are provided with the new and quality leads they are looking for as a result of InGo’s Advocate Marketing driving organic growth in net new attendance. And the lead scan data confirms that the results are impressive!

We’ve just published our first case study focusing solely on exhibitor ROI. Download the full study to see how InGo helps exhibitors achieve their ROI objectives.