InGo and Fiera Milano Introduce Italy to Socially Smart Event Marketing

Fiera Milano and InGo announce partnership for HOMI Milano Arlington, VA/London, UK (9 June 2015) - InGo, the socially smart event marketing platform growing events all over the world, has partnered with Fiera Milano, host of the world’s largest events for the interior design and lifestyle marketplaces, for it’s HOMI Milano show.

This new partnership will mean that InGo’s Software Suite will be integrated with Fiera Milano’s platform to connect design professionals with the products and opportunities available at HOMI.

“InGo offers a powerful marketing tool that will allow attendees to promote our event through trusted personal interactions on social media,” said Ambra Brandi, Communications and Marketing Manager at Fiera Milano. “In addition to marked event growth, we are confident that InGo’s software will further enhance the HOMI experience by making the event more social and attendees more connected.”

”We are excited to announce InGo’s expansion into the Italian market,” said Michael Barnett, InGo’s CEO. “Fiera Milano is one of the biggest trade show organizers in the world, and InGo’s partnership on HOMI Milano strengthens our presence as a global social marketing leader.”

About InGo InGo is a social media event marketing company that empowers event organizers and attendees. InGo serves the largest event companies in the world such as Reed Exhibitions, Emerald Expositions, Hanley Wood (now Informa) and UBM.  InGo provides event marketing solutions for varied industries such as tech, fashion, construction, media, film and more across the globe.  It has been in business since 2013 and has served over 200 events in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Columbia, Nigeria, Turkey, Japan, China and Russia.  Discover how InGo can grow your event at

About HOMI HOMI is the business opportunity for the lifestyle sector. A new brand, a synthesis of style, business and excellence: in a word, HOMI. It's an original concept for trade fairs with an international flare.  Many home dimensions, only one journey leading to ideas and solutions: ALL AT HOMI, WHOSE NAME SAYS IT ALL. NAMING: HOMI, a simple name holding many sensations, the letter 'O' symbolically represents the circle that encloses the environment and the person, and the 'MI' at the end pays homage to Milan, a metropolis par excellence. NEXT EDITION WHERE: Milan – FIERA MILANO RHO WHEN: from 12th to 15th September 2015 VISITORS: Entrance is allowed only to trade visitors and to experts in design and interior decoration and furnishing.

About Fiera Milano Fiera Milano is the leading exhibition group in Italy and one of the top in the world. Expertise, excellence in professional exhibitions and services and cutting edge facilities, as well as its success in the foremost international conference management, all make Fiera Milano the ideal partner for promotion, development and internationalisation of any company. Fiera Milano helps companies expand their business opportunities in Italy and abroad, communicate most effectively with reference markets, nurture human capital through continual professional training, and share knowledge at high profile conferences.


Source InGo