How To Grow Events, Part 2: Social Registration

This is the second part of our four-part series on Event growth using social marketing.

Today we are focused on using a Social Registration strategy to grow events.

Event Growth

 Before we get started with this week’s growth expert, Sean Vieira, let’s show 5 more superb Events that went live with InGo this week!


Good morning! This is Sean Vieira, InGo Event Growth Team member.  I spend a great deal of time with corporate and association event planners who are concerned about attendee registration fatigue, especially among younger attendees.

Adding an InGo Login widget at the beginning of the registration process allows registrants to auto-fill the form with personal data from LinkedIn or Facebook.

The Social Registration option speeds up registration and increases Attendance Growth powered by InGo by as much as 4x.

     So, Social Registration is a win-win for Registrants and Event Organizers.

Check out the Social Registration option installed on an Experient-powered show that we support, Emerald Expositions’ PhotoPlus at the Javits Center in NYC.



On average 25% of Registrants will sign on with Facebook or LinkedIn through Social Registration and become Advocates for the Event.

InGo works daily with registration companies all over the world such as Experient, etouches, Interchange Communications, Compusytems, CDS, Cvent, Active, N200, D2I, and many others Registration Companies in order to have the tightest integration possible.


Our goal is a quick, seamless Social Registration experience that grows Events.

How do we achieve Event growth through Social Registration?


When your attendee chooses to socially register:

1.)  InGo shows your Registrants who in their network is planning to attend the Event, which encourages them to complete registration.

2.) InGo also shows Registrants the most qualified people in their social network who have not yet registered, and makes it easy for Registrants to invite their friends and colleagues with a single click.

Here’s a great design show in the UK that shows the power of Social Registration:


Thanks for the time – we look forward to growing your Event soon!

-Sean InGo’s Event Growth Team