How To Grow Events, Part 1: Confirmation

Many of you have contacted us asking for details on HOW the events we have been highlighting weekly have been using InGo to achieve GROWTH. This week, we ask Daniel, one of our event growth experts, to show HOW the different components of the InGo social marketing platform drives event growth.   Event organizers use InGo in 4 ways that help grow the event.

Event Growth Daniel will highlight the simplest way to deploy InGo: enabling registrants to invite their friends on the registration Confirmation page.

Hi everyone! This is Daniel Fernandez, InGo Delivery expert, here to highlight one component of our partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council and Hanley Wood that is helping to grow attendance for Greenbuild Intl. Event and Expo.



As Attendees reach Greenbuild’s confirmation page, InGo ranks all of the social network contacts in an attendee’s network according to how relevant they are to the event via our peerless social search engine. Qualified colleagues and friends then appear at the top of our Social widget on the Confirmation page.

Events are inherently social and, on average, 20%-30% of attendees will send approximately 5 invites. See you next week, when our team discusses Sign-On Registration!


InGo’s Event Growth Team