6 Simple Tips for Attracting More Attendees Using LinkedIn

Online networking is all about engaging with your digital community. LinkedIn is an especially powerful marketing tool for tapping into professional audiences and acquiring new registrants for your event. Follow these six simple, game changing tips to tap into the limitless potential of your event’s community on LinkedIn. 

Share photos from previous events 

Attendees want to know that your show will be worth their time and money. The easiest way to display your show’s value is through pictures. Use the photo feature on LinkedIn to regularly upload photos from last year’s show. Include photos of the most popular booths, overhead shots of the crowds, dynamic pictures of attendees engaging with each other, and photos of entertainment or any influential industry leaders who attended. Visually communicate that your show is an annual must-attend. 

Post about your exhibitors

Attendees often register based on the event’s exhibitors. Start regularly posting photos with bios of your top exhibitors. Describe who they are, what services they provide, or what products they sell. Just one eye-catching exhibitor could cause a domino-effect of attention, allowing you to tap into an entirely new demographic and acquire new registrants. 

Spotlight industry leaders 

Attendees want to be in the same room as influential people. Be sure to feature the impressive industry leaders who are speaking or presenting at your event. Spotlighting these successful individuals will draw in new registrants while also communicating the status of your event. Post a photo, bio, and a summary of what their talk will be on, as well as the time and date.

Set up a social sharing agreement

Most exhibitors and industry leaders are happy to promote your event to their audiences. This kind of cross-promotion is mutually beneficial as it allows both parties to gain connections from relevant industries. Set up a sharing agreement with your top exhibitors and industry leaders months in advance. In exchange for promoting your event, offer them VIP packages for friends and family or simply a flat rate for 3-5 posts that encourage their connections to attend your show. Be sure to request that they use your show’s hashtag and tag the show’s profile. Gaining access to their network could mean the difference in hundreds of new attendees.

Execute tagging giveaways

Giveaways are one of the easiest ways to gain exposure and new follows, which ultimately translates into new registrants. Collaborate with a few of your top booths to give away prizes throughout the year. To enter the giveaway, require that participants must follow both your event page, the collaborating exhibitor’s page, and tag 2-3 friends in the comments section. As new followers check out your page, they will learn more about your event and be inspired to register.

Integrate InGo into event registration

InGo makes it even easier by integrating social media platforms, like LinkedIn, into your event’s registration process. When attendees register via InGo, they’re able to see which of their network connections are also attending and can send personal invites to friends who are not. Registrants are also able to share your event to their page, allowing you to reach their entire network. Lastly, attendees are notified as new network connections register, further increasing engagement as the event approaches.

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InGo: The Key For Driving Conversion To Onsite

Nearly 50% of registrants don’t show up to events. At InGo, we're solving this problem by fostering personal connections between attendees. 

It’s as simple as email notifications that automatically alert event registrants when someone from their network has also registered.  

When you empower your attendees to see which of their connections are also attending, they become motivated to make plans to meet -- ultimately producing greater attendance and reducing attrition.

Click here to learn more. 

What's New At InGo

At InGo, we believe in the limitless value of your event community’s relationships. In 2019, we are improving and dramatically extending the community building experience by answering an attendees' most important question:

“Which of my professional connections are also attending?”


Imagine your most valuable event community member who has hundreds of other industry leaders and buyers in her network --- let’s call her Susan.

In the past, InGo empowered Susan to be an advocate for your event at registration. She would socially post an invite to her network, personally invite her most relevant connections, explore which of her connections were already registered, and make plans to reconnect with them.  

After registration, however, there were few ways to continue this connectivity and excitement. Attendees like Susan were not made aware when valuable connections later registered, leading to missed opportunities. 

We are excited to announce that InGo is continuing to empower attendees beyond registration with our new notification feature.


This game changing feature sends attendees custom emails, showing which of their most valuable connections have registered. This keeps them excited about your event and motivated to invite even more from their network while scheduling onsite meetups.

Now, your attendees will not miss out on an opportunity to connect and reconnect with fellow industry professionals, ultimately leading to meaningful interactions that advance your attendee's career and the industry as a whole.

When registrants are given insights into the network connections who are also attending, they become excited to be advocates for your event -- resulting in more registrants and buyers onsite.  Read more here.

In addition, InGo has also:

  1. Added more networks, so that members can use Google, VK, Twitter, and more. 

  2. Enhanced the experience for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  3. Improved the email invitations experience.

  4. Updated reporting so that you can see whose advocacy was clicked on, how many clicks occurred, and who clicked and registered.

InGo For Exhibitors Is Coming

We are excited to announce that InGo for exhibitors is coming

In addition to our new one-click invitesupdated reporting, and notification feature, we are now also serving exhibitors by empowering them to connect with every deal opportunity at your show.

Soon, exhibitors will be able to:

  1. Invite new prospects and customers.

  2. Be notified as prospects and customers register.

  3. See which of their prospects and customers are already attending.

To get early access to InGo for exhibitors, become an InGo insider and share your excitement on your social networks. 


Cheers, InGo

InGo & World Of Concrete Inspire Thousands Of Industry Leaders

Last year, InGo helped bring in thousands of new buyers to Informa’s World Of Concrete, the leader in commercial concrete and masonry.  InGo reached 2,112 industry leaders by empowering people like Haydn who invited his network using InGo, inspiring 87 of his connections to register. 

Ready to join the leading event industry organizers who have seen success using InGo? Try our demo today.

Streampoint, InGo, & IAEE Partnership Brings New Levels Of Connectivity At Expo! Expo!

Last year, InGo, Streampoint Solutions, and IAEE partnered on Expo! Expo!, IAEE's Annual Meeting & Exhibition, to further streamline the event registration process. 

The integration included notification alerts, which allowed Expo! Expo! registrants and exhibitors to see when their connections registered too. Attendees were also able to send targeted personal invites to their connections and share the event across their social media networks during the registration process. 

In the end, 25% of InGo registrants became advocates and over 50% promoted the event to their social network. These advocates had a network reach of nearly 200,000 and an average of over 15 connections also going to the event. These advocates ultimately influenced 81 people to register for Expo! Expo! 2018.  

“The InGo support team is one of the best teams that we've worked with. Their availability and response times were extremely prompt. They invested time in coming up with solutions that fit our software requirements and accommodated the needs of our clients at every step.”Samuel Dunsiger of Streampoint

This year, IAEE, Streampoint Solutions, and InGo are teaming up again to unlock the limitless value of the exhibitions community. Don’t miss the event of the year! Click here to register

4 Ways The Attendee Lifecycle Will Change

At InGo, we believe that the future of events is in relationships. This is why we have empowered over ten million visitors to reconnect and invite their most valuable connections through our award-winning marketing platform. Events provide the best opportunities for authentic connections. The world has transitioned from large physical goods, to soft intellectual properties, making business relationships more valuable than ever.

This also means the way we attract and keep event attendees is evolving. Based on the thousands of events and millions of attendees InGo serves, we believe the future of event marketing will be as follows:

  1. Attraction will start with word-of-mouth:
    A recent study showed 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. The same study shows that millennials are 115% more influenced by word-of-mouth than traditional advertising. By using word-of-mouth marketing, a method which is 2-3x more successful than standard marketing approaches, InGo empowers attendees and exhibitors to invite their most influential connections.

  2. Engagement will begin long before the event: 
    Events are about in-person meetings and thanks to social media, attendee engagement begins weeks before the event itself. When a registrant is shown a colleague or peer who’s also attending, they are much more likely to reach out to them to schedule a meet-up at the event. Attendees who register via InGo are able to post and share your event to their social media, ultimately marketing your event to their entire network.  

  3. Attendees will have more control over the value of their experience:
    Events provide an element of surprise for attendees. They’re able to stumble upon brilliant new products, strike up conversations with potential business partners, or bump into old colleagues. In the past, these types of meetings happened by accident. In our new digital age, attendees have more control over their experience and the value they receive from an event. InGo is leading the way by notifying attendees when others from their network have also registered so they can seek out specific exhibitors, trade show booths, and potential business connections.

  4. It will be easier to secure returning attendees: 
    Community will always have relevance. Retaining attendees annually will become less a matter of showing off new products, but reminding members of the priceless value of the event community. Goods will change every year, but providing the opportunity for valuable connections will keep attendees returning. When attendees register via InGo, event organizers are able to reach their network. This allows organizers to acquire new demographics and broaden their event’s community overall, ultimately increasing the event’s value for attendees.

    Be ahead of the curve, try our demo today. 

Updated InGo Reporting Dashboard

Hi All,

You’ve asked for simpler reporting in our dashboard and we’re here to deliver. This July, when you log into the InGo Events dashboard, instead of seeing nine data points, we will narrow it down to the four most important...

  1. How many days out: We will keep your up-and-coming shows at the top.

  2. How many advocates: We will report how many members have engaged your community socially. If you see an orange dot, that means adoptions rates are below average.

  3. How many influenced acquisitions: To the right of the dashboard, we will show you how many people your advocates influenced and who then registered. An orange dot will alert you if click acquisitions are below average.

  4. How many clicks: Lastly, we will report on the amount of clicks from posts, invites, and notifications. We will indicate by color how your event compares to the average when you hover over each amount. When you click on a number, you’ll see a pie chart broken down by the source medium of those clicks: posts, invites, and notifications or broken down by the networks used such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc.

For a more detailed walk-through of our updated dashboard, watch the video below.

Invites With New and Improved Suggestions

Dear Event Industry Organizers,

We’ve been working hard to restore invitations ever since LinkedIn universally deactivated messaging for all of their partners, including InGo. The good news is that we are not only restoring invites, but enhancing them.

First, we have re-enabled suggested invites for networks which permit messages through their API. This includes Twitter and VK -- it will look like this:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 9.53.29 AM.png

We will also continue to provide your community members with the option to send invites by clicking through to Facebook’s interface or by entering an email address.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 10.00.15 AM.png

Next week, we will enable suggested invites for connections with enhanced targeting for the top 10 million professionals in the world. Later in June, as a bonus for all of our patient customers, we will have an additional surprise professional network with new exciting functionality.


Michael Barnett, InGo Founder & CEO 

Four Great Ways To Incentivize Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Marketing has come a long way over the past few decades. Today, we have more avenues through which we can reach prospective customers than ever before, greater insights into how and why people choose which events to attend than we ever imagined possible. We have the ability to reach markets beyond anything that would have been possible even ten years ago.

And yet in spite of all this, the most powerful marketing technique of all has remained unchanged for millennia.

I’m speaking, of course, about word-of-mouth. Take off your marketer’s hat for a second, and try to think about things as a customer. Which of the three sounds most trustworthy to you?

  • A paid-for advertisement on Facebook

  • A sales representative for an event

  • A testimonial from a close friend or family member

Pretty obvious it’s option three, right?

There’s just one problem. How exactly do you get people talking about your products? The obvious first step is to offer exceptional quality, value, and service.

But beyond that, there are a few tactics you can use to really get people sharing.

Create a Competition

Winning feels good. I’ve yet to meet someone who would disagree. Why not use that to generate some buzz about your event?

Host a contest and ask your audience to share photos from last year’s event. If it is the event’s first year, ask contestants to share something they want to learn or experience at the event. The more referrals someone manages to generate, the higher their chances of winning. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it works.

That’s not the only thing you could do, either. User-generated content can also be a big draw, as well. Encourage users to create, submit, and share stories or media involving their relationship with your event, and allow everyone to vote on which entries are the best. Make sure you have a consistent, unique hashtag for the competition to keep everything organized.

Offer Meaningful Gifts of Bonuses

What do most referral programs offer? A cash reward? Money off a customer’s next purchase? A discount here and there?

Sure, those rewards are valuable, and they’re certain to attract more referrals. Why not take things a step further, and offer something that actually shows you care?

Branded merchandise is a great option here -- just be sure you’re offering stuff your audience actually wants. Everyone has magnets and pens, so strive to be unique and offer something such as a cell phone charger or a t-shirt to really create momentum for your event.

Make It simple to spread the word

After you choose a social media platform for your event, your audience will be more apt to tell others about your event if the process is seamless. Make sure there is a share button after a ticket is purchased. This will help your audience tell their friends about the event.

Create a Facebook event and ask people you know are attending to invite their friends who live locally.

Once you have sold tickets, email the ticket holders images, videos, and text they can use to invite their friends to the event.  

get people talking

Word-of-mouth remains the most powerful marketing strategy both on the web and off -- especially if you know how to leverage it. By incentivizing your audience to tell their friends and family about your event, you’ll generate more buzz than you ever imagined possible. And you’ll do it all while deepening your brand’s relationships with its most loyal customers.

About the Author:
Brad Wayland is the Chief Strategy Officer at BlueCotton, a site with high-quality, easy-to-design custom t-shirts.

To see how InGo can empower your event community through word-of-mouth marketing, try our demo today.

The Opportunity for Events Hidden in GDPR

As limiting as it may seem, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation actually represents a hidden opportunity for event organizers. GDPR means show marketers no longer have the right to email or process potential attendee data without permission. While this protection may not be as exciting as lists of new potential attendees, there is an even greater opportunity for developing and building your event community.

The opportunity is to simultaneously respect your event community’s privacy while empowering them to inspire their contacts to also attend. The average person going to an event has dozens of valuable and relevant connections. These connections can be marketed in a way that is beneficial to both you and your attendees.  

How? By giving your advocates the tools, incentives, and recognition they want and need. This will ultimately allow them to do the work for you while developing their own professional influence. Here at InGo, it is our mission to empower attendees so they can engage in business relationships and attract their network connections to join your event community.

Our dependence on user trust is why InGo fully embraces the tenets of GDPR and shares in the commitment of respecting user data. At InGo, we believe in upholding user rights by processing data transparently and justly.

User rights consist of:

  1. The right to see your data.

  2. The right to modify your data.

  3. The right to have your data deleted.

  4. The right to have your data processed in a just and transparent manner.

Regarding transparency, everything InGo does requires an affirmative action on behalf of the member:

  • Social Registration requires clicking a social network.

  • Notifications and posting require providing the required permissions to the network.

  • Invites require selecting a specific person to invite.

We only take actions that are in the legitimate interests of the community members:

  • Helping them connect with their network.

  • Helping them show off their membership.

  • Helping them attract their most valuable connections to join.

Mark Your Calendars: Exhibitions Day

Show The Exhibitions Industry Some Love...


Join the Exhibitions Day effort to receive recognition and to bring awareness to the $97 billion value of our thriving B2B industry!

Taking place June 4-5th both online and in Washington, D.C., exhibition industry leaders are meeting face-to-face with our nation’s political leaders and serving online as voices for the exhibitions community.

As the event industry’s leading community building platform, InGo will be empowering the effort by hosting the post-lobbying happy hour for the Exhibition Day attendees who participated in the day's activities.

To register for the D.C. experience, click here.

To join the conversation online, click here.

Gathering at Bullfeathers in D.C., at 4pm, we will be announcing the top industry influencers and unveiling the latest community growth data analysis. This reception is available to Exhibition Day ticket-holders only..

#exhibitionsday (2).png

Use the #ExhibitionsDay hashtag on your social media platforms.

InGo Empowers Thousands of ICFF Attendees

Last year, InGo helped bring in nearly 5,000 attendees to the luxury interior design event, ICFF. Using advocate marketing, InGo was able to empower ICFF’s most meaningful industry connections.

Suzanne, a leading influencer in the design industry, posted an update about ICFF on her social media, causing 115 of her colleagues to also register using InGo. In the end, InGo empowered over 4,500 influencers like Suzanne and acquired almost 5,000 ICFF attendees.

“InGo is getting it done for ICFF! The bottom line is the numbers work. $7.77 per net new verified is OUTSTANDING.”

- Kevin O’Keefe, director of ICFF, senior vice president at Emerald Expositions, Inc., & largest producer of trade shows in North America

Ready to join the leading event industry organizers who have seen success using InGo? Try our demo today.

What The Obama Deepfake Means For Events

Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey predicted a technology we’re all familiar with 51 years later: video chat. Whether it’s Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, or even Snapchat and Instagram, the concept of communicating via video is no longer relegated to the distant future.

While video recording devices have encouraged community and connection for billions of people, many of us know that what we see isn’t always real. However, the technology that was originally created to depict reality has become a threat to it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 1.57.18 PM.png

Last year, actor and director Jordan Peele, teamed up with Buzzfeed to create a video of former president Barack Obama -- only it wasn’t Obama. Using old press videos and a program that synced up Obama and Peele’s facial expressions, the results were convincing to say the least. Peele sternly warns from behind the Obama simulation, “This is a dangerous time. Moving forward we need to be more vigilant with what we trust from the internet.”

With technology constantly advancing, video simulations will become increasingly common and realistic. The accessibility of creating deepfakes means anyone will be able to make them, ultimately affecting smaller communities. As Peele noted, it is our trust in reality that’s at stake.

According to a study done by EventBrite, nearly 71 percent of people agreed that attending an event makes them feel more connected to their community, other people, and the world. This increased from the 66 percent reported in 2014. As the reality and threat of deepfakes increases, the value of real life meetings goes up. In-person meetings have always been the gold standard of trust and relationship development. Community comes from real connections you can trust and events like conferences, exhibitions, and tradeshows are ideal for facilitating these meaningful relationships.

Deepfakes serve as a reminder that while our culture may be expanding in it’s technological pursuits, nothing can replace the importance of real life, human-to-human interactions.

Everything You Need To Know About InGo Network Notifications


Have a few questions about InGo Network Notifications? We’ve provided some frequently asked questions and answers to help you learn more about our newest feature.

Why notifications?

Notifications are an important marketing tactic. Instead of signing up for an event and forgetting about it, our new notification feature keeps attendees in the loop leading up to the event. Registrants are more likely to stay committed to attending events when they know who will also be attending. By alerting registrants with updates on friends, peers, colleagues, mentors, and potential business partners, we increase conversion to onsite.

What are the notifications?

Our notifications are sent via email. They’re sent automatically to people who have registered for an event, listing who else in their network is also attending. Accompanying the names of fellow attendees are photos, job titles, and their current place of employment.

Does every registrant receive notifications?

Unfortunately, not right now.  We currently only send notifications to registrants who we know have first degree or second degree connections. Typically, this is between 10% and 35% of registrants. The main limitation is that only 10% to 20% of registrants register socially. In the future, we may send emails to more registrants by sending more types of emails, such as influencer leaderboards.  

You will receive a notification if:

  1. You have agreed to receive notification updates.

  2. You have at least 1 connection who registers.

Note: You will only receive a notification if you meet the above criteria. You will never receive a repeat notification, meaning all notifications you receive will have at least 1 new colleague being shown.

What’s the notification timeline?

There are a total of 7 notification emails sent. Per the above you may not receive every email. Notifications are sent specific days out from the start date of your event. The timeline is: 56, 42, 28, 10, 4, 2, and 0 days from the event.

How are we sure the connections are real?

Because social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are defensive of their own social graphs, they usually don’t provide unique identifiers (like email addresses) of the attendee’s connections. This means we have to use loose identifiers like first and last name in order to match one attendee with another attendee’s contacts.

This means that there is a small chance of false positives where an attendee has the same name as someone in another attendee’s contacts. This chance of a false positive is higher in certain markets with extremely common names (like Mohammed). Because our social graphs are generally limited to a single event, the incidence of false positives is manageably low. But it’s still important to be aware that relationships in the social graph aren’t 100% certain.

What does a notification look like?


The Trade Show Industry's Billion Dollar Problem

The trade show industry has a billion-dollar sized problem. With more events popping up every year and attendee acquisition costs ranging between $30-100, it’s easy to assume event organizers are raking in the money. For many trade shows, however, nearly 50% of registrants don’t even show up to the event. Spread across 40 million attendees annually and this is well over a billion dollar problem.

Lack of attendee follow through is a major detriment to event organizers and to the event industry itself. With the success of events hinging on attendance, how can we solve this potentially devastating issue? Acquiring more attendees for an even bigger event may seem like an immediate solution, but here at InGo, we believe the problem can be solved by making your event feel smaller.

As events grow in size and reputation, organizers tend to lose a key component: personal connection. Registrants are less likely to feel committed in attending an event full of unfamiliar faces. That’s why we’ve developed a new feature that makes events feel more intimate, further increasing conversion to onsite.  

It’s as simple as notifications sent via email. Our notifications automatically alert event registrants when someone from their network has also registered. When a colleague, old friend, or influential leader’s name pops up in your inbox to notify you of their attendance, the event immediately begins to feel more personal.


InGo’s new notification feature is helping millions of people re-establish old connections while fostering new ones, leveraging nearly a billion relationships. Our numbers speak for themselves with notifications sent via email being opened and clicked through 4-5x more than average. The success of our email notifications are backed by Eventbrite’s most recent report on email marketing. According to their study, 78% of event organizers state email as their most effective marketing tactic. The same study states, “Targeted, relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than general,” further supporting the positive response from our notification emails that contain the names of friends, colleagues, and other peers in the subject head.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 3.31.07 PM.png

Future of Business and Tech reports that individuals between the ages of 18-34 value in-person meetings than any other medium, preferring to maintain and develop professional relationships through face-to-face encounters. Targeting this natural desire to connect with fellow professionals in real life is an important marketing tactic for any event organizer. Letting registrants know which network connections are also attending is the first step in converting registrants to onsite. With InGo’s new notification feature, we hope to make events feel more personal, ultimately solving the billion-dollar industry problem.

What Makes For The Best Advocate Marketing?

What Makes For The Best Advocate Marketing?

Technology is constantly advancing, but humans will always thrive on person-to-person connections. This is why advocate marketing is vital for any company or brand’s success, especially event organizers. At InGo, we fundamentality believe in event communities and the impact they can have on the world. We think Charlie McCurdy, CEO of Informa, said it best, “Imagine how different healthcare would be without this event,” regarding the Arab Health event. His words are a powerful reminder that events aren’t just about selling software or square feet, but providing opportunities for future game changers.

Events annually connect nearly 400 million professionals and unlock untold potential. What we can measure is in the hundreds of billions (GED stat), but the long term value is in connecting and reconnecting billions of important relationships. InGo exists to connect the people who will go on to invent cures, create solutions, and build companies that will impact the rest of the world.

Because of our passion for positive change, we’ve built the best technology that goes hand-in-hand with advocate marketing so you can connect and grow your communities. Here’s how.

1. Creating Excitement & Fostering Engagement

When registering for an event via InGo, registrants are shown which of their network connections have also registered. Having a familiar face or inspirational peer to look forward to seeing creates excitement around your event and continues engagement as the event approaches. Not to mention, knowing other attendees helps to make large events feel more personal and community driven.

We accomplish this during registration, through our new emailed network notifications that alert attendees when network connections have registered, and anywhere else you install the widget. InGo’s new notification function has already been well received with a 75%+ increase in opening rate. Our updated InGo widget is best in class, driving higher adoption rates and greater engagement than any other.

2. Empowering Advocacy

InGo empowers your attendees and exhibitors to authentically advocate your event through posts and invites. People naturally want to share good experiences and promote the things they’re excited about. Most of us want others to partake in our good experiences and we feel good about ourselves when someone enjoys something because of our recommendation. With InGo, we make it easy for your attendees and exhibitor to recommend the events they’re passionate about. It’s as simple as giving them the option of sending invites to their network and sharing your event online through InGo.

3. Providing Insights

When using InGo, you’re given unique insight into your community. You’re able to discover new demographics that respond to posts regarding your event which allows you to broaden your target audience. When one attendees shares your event, you’re able to reach their entire network of unique connections. This then helps you to expand your understanding of the types of people who are attracted to your event, allowing you to adjust your other marketing efforts and even further develop your event planning strategies.

At the end of the day, the attendees’ success is your success. When you create an event that brings together the individuals who will thrive from newfound relationships, you’re paving the way for global impact. Here at InGo, your success is our success. That’s why it’s our mission to help you reach and attract more attendees, ultimately allowing your event to become a catalyst for positive change.

Watch the video below to see how InGo helped HLTH, the largest conference for health innovation, reach nearly a million of their attendees' connections. 

Imagine what InGo could do for you. Try our demo today. 

New Team Member Announcement: Scott Sehon, CFO

New Team Member Announcement: Scott Sehon, CFO

InGo is excited to introduce it’s newest team member, Scott Sehon, who will be assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer. Scott joins InGo after serving as the CFO at American Directions Research Group, a Washington, D.C. based political market research firm. He previously worked as the VP of Finance at Social Tables, where he helped grow the company's ARR by 4x and raised a $13mm Series B investment. Scott also served as the CFO at Crystal Clear Technologies for six years, where he aided in growing the company from pre-revenue to $20mm+ in annual revenue and helped it become #5 on the 2011 Inc 500 list. Scott was named 2013 Tampa Bay CFO of the Year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and was recognized by Bisnow in 2016 as a "Top 40 Trending CFO in Washington, D.C." 

Scott resides in Oakton, Virginia with his wife, son, daughter, two dogs, and a box turtle. In his free time, he enjoys baking, running, reading non-fiction adventure novels, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and is currently trying to break 80 in golf. He hopes to one day retire and become a caddie in St Andrews Scotland.

With Scott’s accomplishments and impressive work history, we know InGo is in good hands!


What If Your Event Community Marketed Itself? HLTH 2018

What if your event community marketed itself? Watch how HLTH, the largest conference for health innovation, reached nearly a million of their attendees' connections thanks to InGo.

By using world-of-mouth marketing, a method which is 2-3x more successful than standard marketing approaches, InGo empowers attendees and exhibitors to invite their most influential connections.

When just one leader shares your event using InGo, you’re able to reach their entire network of potential attendees. One post can lead to hundreds of likes, clicks, and new registrants who will then share your event with their own network. This domino effect of digital word-of-mouth marketing allows you to obtain thousands of new attendees.

Because of InGo, event organizers like those at HLTH have seen their number of attendees more than double. Join the other leading event professionals who have changed the future of their events by empowering attendees with word-of-mouth marketing --- try our demo today.

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