“Using the social media marketing from InGo, we have been able to greatly increase the number of pre-registrations. However, even more important is the accuracy of the target group and the quality of the visitors achieved through the use of InGo.
— Hans-Joachim Erbel, CEO


Easy to implement and support services and staff are excellent.
— Lynne Morell, IBM

Using a cutting edge marketing technology for ad:tech was a natural fit and InGo exceeded our expectations.
— Jan Barthelemy, Managing Director

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InGo allowed us to identify new prospects and capture their attention through their social network. The result was a high level of attendee engagement — both before the event and during it as well. We are excited to build on this success by using InGo for next year’s event as well.
— Elizabeth Renyolds, Marketing Director
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We saw an amazing return on our InGo Advocate Marketing campaign. Not only did it provide value in building registration and attendance, but pre- and post-show engagement was better than ever.
— Sanjib Kalita, CFO

This is a great product that engages the audience, creates a new channel for attendee acquisition, provides a useful dashboard to easily measure results and helps to quantify social media. InGo is easy to work with, flexible and a great partner to ensure your show’s success.
— Elena Grant, VP of Marketing
InGo accounts for an average of 13% of all registrations. However, the brand advocacy is arguably even more valuable. Worth the investment.
— Lucy Keenan, Marketing Manager

We doubled the size of ICFF in just 3 editions and massively improved both the size and quality of our audience. Without InGo this would not have been possible.
— Kevin O'Keefe, ICFF Event Director

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This tool is changing the way we think about social media marketing. We’d like to have InGo on all our reg related activities!
— John Whitaker, Digital & Data Director

Social media marketing is key to every event; InGo is social media marketing that actually works.
— Ed Severall, Senior Vice President

We have been impressed with the positive contribution that InGo has made to visitor acquisition across our largest events. This tool will be critical as we continue to use social media to expand our audiences and provides Centaur with a distinct competitive advantage.
— James Merrington, Head of Marketing

Selling and advertising are not a good match with social channels and this tool allows us to use social media in an ideal way: encouraging our member community to promote the ICCA Congress instead of only pushing registration ourselves.
— Mathjis Vlemming, Communication Strategist

InGo is a great solution for the event industry and the attention and care we get from their team is amazing.”
— Igor Siliano, Digital Marketing Specialist

InGo is useful and easy to use.
— Mustafa Altuntaslar

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