Your Attendees Have Amazing Networks.
Do You Want Access To Them?

YOUR ATTENDEE's networks are chock full of highly Valuable,
influential and important decision makers.

However, reaching these individuals in a meaningful and impactful way is nearly impossible!
Now, you and your Exhibitors can reach them with a sponsored InGo Campaign. 
Harness the power of your community!



Generate Real Impressions, Not Ads Ignored on the Sidebar

Sponsor the trusted impression social post with your message and your logo. Share the power of your community and engender greater brand awareness before and during your event for your sponsor.

  • Professionals spend more than 116 minutes per day on social media (AdWeek and Business Insider)
  • That's more than bathing, socializing, eating and grooming combined... per day!
  • Sponsored Social Post - Every time a community member wants to send a post to their network, your sponsored image will be displayed


Smart, Triggered and Targeted Network Notifications.

Smart, Triggered and Targeted Network Notifications.

How do you reach the most important people?
Through the community.

How do you reach people in a meaningful way? Not through ads or email blasts... (why are we talking about blasts too... isn't that reminiscent of launching a rocket or something?). You reach them where they spend their time, on social media and traditional media powered with InGo technology, through our Network Notifications.

Your Sponsorship is Delivered to Every Registrant Who Has Not Yet Added Their Social Profile.

Your Sponsorship is Delivered to Every Registrant Who Has Not Yet Added Their Social Profile.

  • Get Noticed In Their Inbox - Our Network Notifications have an open rate aver of 45-88% on some industries so your sponsorship exposure is significant
  • Sponsored Notification - Split the social post canvas between your event and your sponsor
  • Ease of Use - Just upload one image for your social post and we'll make it easy and automatically place it in the Network Notifications


Features and Benefits

Sponsored Social Post - Generate real trusted impressions - You get 520px x 138px, top position or lower position, it's your choice.

Sponsored Notification - Personalized, smart, relevent content delivered to key decision makers about who in their network is attending with your log and sponsorship

Report Download Post Event - Post event get access to the list of active community members, see stats, compare results and more


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