Social Emails are a critical part of a successful Advocate Marketing campaign running InGo. It's an a valuable tool available to you when you purchase InGo. These emails help differentiate your existing email marketing cadences. You can obtain any of the code snippets presently by contacting your existing InGo Account Manager.


Simply complete the form below to submit the necessary information to InGo and we'll get started on your Social Email Campaign, part of any well-run Advocate Marketing solution.

1. Images / Creative Assets

  • A 625 x 110px email banner image for our auto-generated template, in either jpeg, gif or png format.
  • A 920 x 120px email landing page image for the InGo auto-generated landing page (this is a simple landing page that focuses the users attention to send invites and post) in either jpeg, gif or png format.

2. Workflow Questions - Simply have an answer for this question:

  • If InGo is sending them on your behalf? Yes/No?
  • If Yes, please be able to provide an email list with the following columns: First name, and email, in .CSV format.
  • If No, this is not applicable.

If Yes, We Must Insert The Required Email Footer Content:

  • Your physical street address - in order to comply with CAN-SPAM ACT, we must have this information.
  • A REPLY-to- email address - A real email account monitored by your organization.
  • A FROM-to- email address - A real email account monitored by your organization.
  • Your company's name as you would like it to appear in the Email Client.

3. When to start Social Emails

  • We recommend you send at least 4 social email campaigns
  • You should start sending these out 8-10 weeks out from the start of your event
  • You should send social emails every other week to keep your audience engaged.