Registrant Notifications

Now, your attendees will know who in their network is attending your event with them. Events are better together!


Attendees Register Socially

The magic begins once they sign up using social...

Once your attendees register socially using InGo, they are marked as an "Advocate" in our system.


Attendees are Notified

... then, we send them a highly personalized email...

Advocates will then get an email as soon as they have someone in their network attending up to 60 days prior to the event, notifying them of their network attending!


Attendees are Happy, onsite

... and now they know who they will see at your event!

Now, your attendees know who in their network is going to your event! 
Events are better together!


Example Advocate notification email

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I want to opt my event OUT of Advocate notification
Advocate Notification is turned on by default for all InGo events. We will be giving you control over this feature eventually in the InGo Dashboard but that feature is still in development.