Get Influence. Get Growth. Get Social.

InGo's flagship product consists of a suite of widgets that work in concert to activate, engage and amplify your attendees at the most vital moment of registration. Ready, set, InGo!


Social Sign In


Activator Widget

Your audience already knows social media. Why make them use another account or create a new one on your platform? Using the Activator Widget (formerly known as "Login") your attendees will start registration with something they already know and are comfortable with.

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Speed Up Registration

 Once your audience members start registration with their social media account, InGo can autofill their personal details on the next landing page using the Autofiller Widget. This allows your audience to increase their registration speed and who doesn't want that?

Autofiller Widget

InGo's Autofiller widget uses the data from your attendees' social networks to autofill form fields. For the attendee, this means fewer forms and faster registration. For the organizer, it leads to reduced drop-off and  better data quality. 

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Who's In? Your Audience is!


Amplifier Widget

On the final page of your registration workflow, your audience will see the InGo Amplifier, which will display successful registrants who have opted to give their permission to be displayed. Your event is now social! And, anyone seeing this final page can search who's-going.

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Network Notifications


Registrant & Exhibitor

Reach Registrants and Exhibitors with smart, behavior-triggered notifications. They will receive alerts leading up to the event to let them know who else is attending within their networks, as well as a summary of who has been invited but hasn't registered yet, and suggestions on who to invite, all using the same socially-smart algorithm that powers InGo's core.

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Social posting

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 5.11.01 PM.png

Advocacy feature

Your attendees and future attendees don't go on social media to look at sidebar adds, but what's in their newsfeed. InGo gets you this coveted real estate through real, organic, and trusted social media post impressions. These posts generate likes and comments weeks and months about your show, before your attendees even hit the show floor!

Personal Messages

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 5.07.18 PM.png

Advocacy feature

What's better than receiving a personal message from your colleagues and friends inviting you to an event that they are passionate about? Through InGo, your community can send personal, direct social media messages right from your registration workflow or website to their trusted friends and colleagues. Even better, if they have notifications on their phones, these messages will show up right on their lock screens! Now that's authentic word of mouth.

InGo allowed us to identify new prospects and capture their attention through their social networks. The result was an extremely high level of attendee engagement — both before the event and during it as well.”


Elizabeth Reynolds, Marketing Director

UBM Americas