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Inspire Exhibitors and Speakers to word-of-mouth market for your event. 

Benefits for Organizers

Benefits for Attendees

    Benefits for Exhibitors and Speakers


  • Easier, familiar sign-on experience using social media
  • New, exciting feature to discover friends at the venue

  • Easy experience to share a post with their network


Easy to market to attendees or announce that 

best for attendee marketing to give or sell to your exhibitors to market to attendees or for speakers to announce that they’re speaking 


click on social sign in, auto populate, post on social 


empower exhibitors to market for event organizer 

Your Exhibitors and Speakers have an amazing network of potential attendees.


Word of Mouth from friends and colleagues is trusted by 92% of people and gets noticed.  But your word of mouth generally happens during or after the event. Too late to get people to register for this year

  1. InGo can motivate them to word of mouth market by offering the chance to:

    1. Be a VIP Exhibitor or Speaker.

    2. Help them attract their network and invite their most relevant and meaningful connections.

    3. See who else is going.

    4. Keep them informed as their network registers.

    5. Win a prize.


  1. They are only one degree away, and while your exhibitors and speakers love talking about your event, they only do it during your event.

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