InGo is More Growth


InGo: More Growth

vs Social Registration





Newsfeed Buzz


Likes and Comments


Relationship Notifications


Personal Invites

Enhanced User Experience: More Advocates

Effortless Registration Integrations

Your registration experience now motivates people to begin connecting, building your community.

Notifications to Social Registrants & Their Connections

8x more social notifications, answering the attendees' critical question, "Who will also be there and what deals can I get done?" This motivates exhibitors, VIPs, speakers, and registrants – even those who do not engage socially.

Seamless Posting: More Reach, Likes, Comments

Option A: Two Step User Authorization

Option B: Additional Authorization





One Click Suggested Invites: More Invites


1. One Click Invites For Top Professionals

2. Easy Email Invites

Our Social Widget allows your community to see who else is going, and the sleek design encourages invitations and social posting.

Advocate Incentives: More Invites

Keeping your most valuable members incentivized to invite and bring more of their connections.

Community Landing Pages: More Community Engagement

To keep them coming back to see and be seen, and invite more of their most valuable connections.

Professional Golfers Association 2019

Growth Opportunity:  Tailoring your Marketing and Event

Events are founded on relationships.  Therefore, we can analyze your communities millions of relationships to find:

More attendees to attract.

Valuable sponsors & exhibitors

Thought leaders to create content

Opportunities to co-locate or launch more events

Community Relationship Analysis: More Relationship Notifications

Community Analysis

We use machine learning algorithms to understand your community and their relationships.  This allows us to ensure your community finds increasing value in your community.

Creating Richer Event Experiences

What’s one of the main reasons people don’t show up to events? Not knowing who else will be there.  Now, no one misses out on valuable connections because both advocates and their connections receive notifications as their contacts registers. Causing more to register and verify on-site more frequently.



Community Building


Social Registration LiveBuzz, Glean.In, etc

Social Registration

Participants begin connecting with their contacts through your community.

Organizers have a more engaged community.

Who’s Going and Invites

Participants see which of their contacts are attending and invite more.

Organizers see word of mouth marketing.

Enhanced User Experience    

Participants see and invite more of their connections faster and seamlessly.

Organizers achieve more word of mouth marketing.

Seamless Posting    

Participants easily share their excitement and connect with their social contacts.

Organizers achieve 10x or more viral buzz around your event.

One Click Suggested Invites    

Participants are empowered to invite more and better contacts because InGo takes away the work of searching for the right invitees and entering their email addresses. 

Organizers attract more premier attendees.

Advocate Incentives    

Participants who grow the community the most receive recognition and potentially incentives.

Organizers have more of their participants inviting more of their most valuable connections.

Landing Pages    

Participants have a place to keep engaging the community and inviting more contacts.

Organizers see a continuously growing, engaged community.

Growth Opportunity    

Participants receive a more tailored experience with more of the right fellow attendees. 

Organizers see opportunities to grow amongst your most connected companies, industries, and titles. 

Community Relationship Analysis    

Participants schedule more meetings and do not miss the chance to connect with a valuable contacts because we connect not only your social but also your non-social participants. 

Organizers see greater verification onsite, and more participants promoting their event.