Step 1: Which events to refer to InGo?

  • Events that want growth - not wallbound or potential to be sold out

  • Ensure there is adequate lead time to build the word-of-mouth marketing campaign. We recommend at InGo should be live:

    • Preferably at registration open, or

    • For at least 3 months, which means you should get started no later than 4 months 

  • InGo’s performance excels when deployed on events that cater to the following industries:

    • Fashion, Art, Design, Creative, Consumer, Food, Medical, Hospitality, Travel, Technology, Science, Electronics, Corporate Events, Music Festivals, Pop Culture, Film Festivals, Entertainment, Beauty, College-age events.

Step 2: Introduce InGo to your client

A simple introduction to an existing client will set in motion the sales process at InGo. Here are two suggested examples; use as is, or with your own edits, or use anything similar:


To: EC (existing client)

CC: Jennifer Chugg ( 

Subject Line: InGo Introduction


Dear EC,

Glad you are interested in learning more about InGo. I am connecting you with Brian Hendricks, who is spearheading the (Your Company)/InGo partnership. You are in great hands with InGo, EC, many of our customers are now implementing their social media word-of-mouth marketing platform and seeing great results.

Brian, meet EC, (EC’s title) for the (EC’s event name).


To: EC (existing client)

CC: Jennifer Chugg ( 

Subject Line: EC, meet InGo


Dear EC,

I want to introduce you to a partner of ours, InGo, and their VP of Strategic Accounts, Brian Hendricks. We have partnered with Brian's group on a number of our events and find their social media word-of-mouth marketing platform to be very powerful and effective. (EC,) please meet Brian.

Brian - I would like to introduce you to one of our favorite clients. (EC) is the (EC’s title) for the (EC’s event name). Their event is looking to grow attendance so I wanted to have the two of you connect about InGo.


Step 3: InGo keeps you informed

InGo will keep you posted on the status of the sales process. When a deal closes, InGo notifies you.