How to Install, Installation Best Practices


InGo is not a registration platform, but a social-supercharging plugin to amplify your event across the social media landscape of your attendees. Ensure best practices by following the instructions outlined below when installing InGo.

See our entire documentation regarding widgets on our GitHub repo.

Guided Installation and Quality Assurance

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Installing All Necessary Widgets

1. Starting Registration - ACTIVATOR WIDGET

The InGo Activator Widget initiates the social-amplification. Potential registrants start by logging in socially and authorizing the InGo app. It’s at this critical moment that InGo can do several things in succession. The most important of these is to target the most socially relevant contacts in that user’s network based on targeted keywords. 

  • Embed the Activator whenever possible using the script below, inserting your specific widget ID.

  • Ensure Activator is prominently displayed and the only social media call to action.

  • Only utilize our modal pop-up option when you cannot embed. Notify your InGo Account Manager to activate this feature.

  • Remove as much of the "clutter" and copy around the start of the registration as possible to have a clear call - to - action (CTA).

Example Code Snippet:

<script src="" data-ingo-id="INSERT_ACTIVATOR_WIDGET_ID_HERE" data-ingo-manual=""></script>

2. Autofilling registration Data - AutofillER WIDGET

InGo can help speed up registration by autofilling social media profile data to your registration forms.

  • Embed Autofill whenever you need to populate attendee data that InGo can map. For example, if you have multiple locations that you need autofill to occur, be sure to place the Autofill snippet wherever it's needed. Only 1 Autofill snippet per page is necessary.

Example Code Snippet:

<script src="" data-ingo-id="INSERT_AUTOFILLER_WIDGET_ID_HERE"></script>

Note: Autofill will not work for your event. If you wish to experience this piece of functionality, you do need a personal demo scheduled. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to complete the contact form.

3. Displaying the AMPLIFIer Widget/WHO's-in

InGo can help your attendees search, discover and invite people in their networks through the use of our Social snippet. Ensure best practices by adhering to the following:

  • Embed the Amplifier on your confirmation page.

  • Ensure the Amplifier is prominently displayed and the only social media call-to-action.

  • Embed the Amplifier elsewhere on your public marketing website (outside of your registration flow).

Example Code Snippet:

<script src="" data-ingo-id="INSERT_AMPLIFIER_WIDGET_ID_HERE"></script>


Through the use of InGo's Authorizer snippet, InGo posts on the user's timeline/status or feed, depending on which option he/she selecting at Login. Our Confirmation snippet also ensures accurate data is being sent from the registration flow to ensure duplicates are not created.

  • Embed the Authorizer at the end of the process after purchase/ticket/registration completion.

  • In a typical registration flow, you embed both the Authorizer and the Amplifier widget on your platform's confirmation page.

  • Embed the Authorizer before embedding the Amplifier snippet. This ensures that our confirmation beacon fires first and reports accurate data and posts right away.

  • IMPORTANT: You must configure the Authorizer to send us the actual data values on the final page. Also, if you have an additional attendee, meaning, 1 registrant can also register multiple people in the same session, you need to add an additional Authorizer widget, 1 PER ADDITIONAL Attendee. See below for the example.

Example Code Snippet, One Registrant Workflow

<script src="" data-ingo-id="INSERT_AUTHORIZER_WIDGET_ID_HERE""Your_systems_email_param"

Example Code Snippet, More than One Registrant (Multiple Attendees)

<script src="" data-ingo-id="INSERT_AUTHORIZER_WIDGET_ID_HERE"

Enhancements, Best Practice Example Screenshots

Using the Activator Widget and Amplifier Widget at the start of registration, clearly displayed, visually compelling with a very clear call-to-action, Register Socially.

Good copy can make a difference.

When encouraging users to socially-adopt during the start of the registration process, having language to explain the benefits and values of adopting socially can make a world of difference. See this example that has seen outstanding results. 

Example Text to Implement:

Why Register Socially?

Make YOUR EVENT NAME 'your' show, be seen, inform and invite to ensure that the people that matter to you are coming.

Register Socially with InGo to:

Speed up registration time with auto-filled fields via the most popular social networks on the planet

See who is attending, identify your most meaningful and relevant YOUR EVENT NAME contacts who you'll benefit from meeting and who you can reconnect with

Easily send personal invites to your friends and colleagues across all your networks to join you at YOUR EVENT NAME

Automatically post to your profile pages to let your network know you are coming

EXample Screenshot

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