How Greenbuild Used InGo to Grow Their Net-New Attendee Number By 60% 

Using InGo, Greenbuild was able to harness the natural energy and passion of its audience. InGo activated the community to

  • Word-of-mouth-market for Greenbuild
  • Promote Greenbuild on their own social media channels
  • Discover new contacts and reconnect with older friends and colleagues
  • And more...

Using InGo, Greenbuild achieved a 60% net new number of attendees. This was the number of people that InGo influenced to attend, of which 60% were net-new, never before seen attendees at Informa. This was a win-win for Greenbuild and their audience. 

Ask yourself, what other channel can offer and deliver on that kind of return. What's powering your event? 


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InGo allowed us to organically market to attendees we were otherwise unable to reach, and based on the impressive results this program generated, it proved to be a cost-efficient and effective alternative to acquire new attendees at Greenbuild
— Lindsay Roberts, Group Director Informa Exhibitions

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