Community Version

Want Free InGo? Utilize our "Community" version that includes Social Sign-In, Autofill and our Who's In Feature to encourage the social nature of your event.


Social Sign In

Activator Widget

Your audience already knows Social Media. Why make them use another account or create a new one on your platform? Using the Activator Widget (formerly known as "Login") your attendees will start registration with something they already know and are comfortable with, their own social-media account.

Speed Up Registration

AutofillER Widget

Once your audience members start registration with their social media account, InGo can autofill their personal details on the next landing page using the Autofiller Widget. This allows your audience to increase their registration speed and who doesn't want that?



Who's In? Your Audience is

Amplifier Widget

With the InGo Community Version, on the final page of your registration workflow, your audience will see the InGo Amplifier, which will display successful registrants who have opted to give their permission to be displayed. Your event is now social! And, anyone seeing this final page can search who's-going.

Full Version

The Full Version of InGo is everything you see above but with the added benefits of Advocacy, empowering your audience members to post to social media, inviting their friends and auto-posting to their network when they successfully register.

  • More Adoption: Events that use the full version of InGo typically experience around 15-20% social-media adoption, the more social-users (Advocates), the better.
  • Event Growth, New Audience Members: In addition, events that use the full version of InGo can experience event growth up to 40-50% of net-new audience members.

Here's a visual of an InGo Community Event vs. an InGo Full Version Event

This is just the Free InGo Community Version, No Posting, No Invites, No Growth.

This is the Full Version of InGo, With Posting, With Invites and With Growth (Acquisitions)