Try our demo code to see how InGo works. InGo has four widgets, all detailed below with short descriptions, suggested placement in your registration flow and code samples below. 

NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS CODE ON YOUR PRODUCTION WEBSITES FOR ANY ACTUAL EVENTS. IT WILL SIMPLY NOT WORK. If you have an actual event using InGo, refer to the documentation sent to you by your InGo Account Manager.

1.) Activator - Visible

Place on the start of your Registration in between the Body tags. This allows your attendees to register socially for your event. 

Code Snippet & Result

<script src="" data-ingo-id="DEMO_WIDGET_CODE_DO_NOT_USE_MG33J3I53HG01PKCG3UYURHDUWP3LPU2" data-ingo-manual=""></script>

2.) Autofiller - NOT VISIBLE

Place on the same page where your Page 2/Personal Details Page Form resides. This allows your attendees to register socially for your event. 

NOTE: THE Autofiller will NOT work on your event since every event form generates different field IDs/params. We map these IDs/params to your specific Autofill widget. If you wish to get a personal demo, scroll to the bottom of the page please and request a personal demo.

<script src="" data-ingo-id="DEMO_WIDGET_CODE_DO_NOT_USE_BI2KQI0YB232JWPDWEJJHFBLUL4HHCTC"></script>

3.) Amplifier - VISIBLE

Place on your Confirmation Page in the Registration flow. This allows your attendees to invite the best of their network and allows InGo to pre-select the most socially-relevant contacts. 

<script src="" data-ingo-id="DEMO_WIDGET_CODE_DO_NOT_USE_532UEISAZFEORGLUYRAYRDXHBRTLO3LX"></script>

4.) Authorizer - NOT VISIBLE

Place on your Confirmation Page. This allows your attendees to be confirmed in your registration platform and in InGo's reporting. 

<script src="" data-ingo-id="DEMO_WIDGET_CODE_DO_NOT_USE_HSJUKXQNJ3DIEYBVSHA4TD0U0MVWY2IE""email_for_registrant"

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