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As InGo grows influence on your registrants networks, so do we grow our partner team and influence around the world. InGo's new Vice President of Sales on the East Coast, Brian Hendricks, began his career in the events industry on Wall Street as Meetings Manager at the American International Group (AIG). He went on to lead the marketing teams at Travel Planners Inc. and, using emerging technologies to bring innovative travel options to event participants worldwide. After 20 years in New York City, Brian recently relocate back to his hometown of Washington D.C.

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  Brian Hendricks , VP for Sales, InGo    Connect with Brian on Linkedin >>     Skype:   tp.  marketing    Direct Dial:  +1.212.799.1512

Brian Hendricks, VP for Sales, InGo

Connect with Brian on Linkedin >>


Direct Dial: +1.212.799.1512

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