Where do We Begin?

    Which clients should you introduce to InGo? Where can you access images, demos, and case studies? Look no further! We have complied all of the resources you need right here! 

Let your customers know that you are InGo certified!

Referring Organizers to InGo

rEFERRING Event organizers to ingo

Learn which clients should be referred to InGo, look at introduction email examples, and get a feel for the referral process.


Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

You know who you want to share InGo with, but how do you go about that conversation? Everything from basic talking points, to case studies, to social media links can be found here.




Here you can find examples of typical InGo social media posts as well as a ready-made press release.


Press Release


Need to work on a draft of a Press Release with us? Look no further. Start here and let's get growing together!

Referrals, questions, comments or co-presenting opportunities can be sent to:
Brian Hendricks, VP, Strategic Accounts
t. +1.212.799.1512 | e. bhendricks@ingo.me