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Although not required, we recommend you have the following information available before filling out the Getting Started Form.

General Timeline & Expectations, 2-3 Weeks to Go Live

Once an event customization form is completed, our team is automatically notified. From the date you successfully submit the form, please allow roughly 2-3 weeks before going live with InGo. This includes the often - experienced scenarios:

  • Procuring the necessary testing information - like "promo" codes to test deployments if not submitted via the form below.
  • Quality assurance process
  • General tweaking - edits and modifications that customers have before the event goes live.

HAVE Event/POC information before you begin the form below.

  1. Your Registration Point of Contact Details (Name, email + phone) if you are using a Registration Platform. If not, simply list the person dedicated to installing items on your registration flow/system.
  2. Your Brand Logo/Image to be shared on the social networks in the size of 1024 px by 512 px.
  3. Your specific Posting message - For example, best practice is "I just registered for [Event Name] on [Event Dates]. Join me here [Event URL (auto-generated by InGo)]. #hashtag1
  4. Your specific Invite message - For example, best practice is "Hi/Dear [Invitee Name], I just registered for [Event Name] on [Event Dates]. Join me here [Event URL (auto-generated by InGo)]. #hashtag1
  5. Your 5 specific keywords that you want to target potential registrants with. For example, if your event is a Construction event, you might want the following keywords:
  • Construction
  • Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Industrial
  • Building

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