Welcome to InGo Partnership Certification.

Ready to take the next the step to allowing a better, more seamless process to understanding, installing and running the best advocate-marketing campaigns possible? Great, let's get started.

To start the process, we must first know what type of environment InGo is to be installed on. We need to set up a demo event on your platform.

Partner Certification PRE-REQUSITES & Overview

In general, you will need the following skill-set.

  • 1-3 years of experience working on your registration platform
  • 1-3 years of experience or familiarity with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Ability to document your installation process and share this with InGo - this means screenshots, videos, text, whatever method you prefer.

$100 Amazon Gift Card for Passing Certification

When you complete the Certification and pass the lessons -- you'll know at the last lesson immediately if you pass -- you'll receive a $100 Amazon Giftcard.


Partner Certification Lessons

In order to be InGo-Certified, you must take a series of three lessons. They consist of the following:

1. Lesson One - Getting Started, Understanding InGo - This lesson covers the basic qualifications needed to install InGo, the education of our suite of widgets, and how to install the suite of widgets according to Best Practices. This lesson can take you anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

2. Lesson Two - Platform Installation - This is where the rubber meets the road, you're ready to install and have completed the Demo Event form found above. Let's get started!

3. Lesson Three - Quality Assurance and Going Live - The series concludes with a final walk through of the Demo Event, a QA overview and testing for high quality deployments. You will be given a final score at the conclusion of this test, so be sure to follow the best practices and answer to the best of your abilities. You will be given a final grade in a forthcoming email.

Partner Resources and Feedback

We want you to be an InGo - Certified Partner or Individual. You can and should make routine use of our website, your Account Manager and our helpdesk.