Amplify your event using the power of Advocate Marketing on an InGo Partner.

Engaging your community begins by reconnecting friends and colleagues, and encouraging new relationships before, during and after your event.  InGo Community Partners do this by showing your participants who they know and would like to know within your event's community. For example, click to see who’s trying out InGo.

Once your community is engaged, you will have the option of empowering your community to attract their most valuable contacts to join your event. This is done through InGo’s powerful Advocate Marketing tools which can grow your event by 10-30%. 

InGo Community social engagement features are ALWAYS FREE on all InGo Community Partners!


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INTEGRATED PARTNER - Growth Enterprise

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Business Partners - Referral basic

Certified Partner Installers

  • Grzegorz Bojarski, Circdata
  • Frank Anselmo, Compusystems
  • Konstantinos Balafas, Compusystems
  • Harsha Vedi, Convention Data Services
  • Henning Werth, dimedis
  • Ralf Schliephake, dimedis
  • Syed Waqas Ali Shah, Info Salons Group
  • Carsten Pleiser, EventTech Partner