Here's where the Real Magic Happens

Inspire and Activate Advocates   

We would all rather attend an event with our friends and colleagues than by ourselves. InGo finds your attendees' most relevant contacts and puts them at the top of Invites tab. With just one click, your attendees can send a Personal Invite directly to these contacts to convince them to join them at YOUR event. 

Now, not only is your registrant excited to see the people she invited, she has just committed herself to being on-site to socialize and network with them.

Tah Dah! The magic of word-of-mouth marketing powered by social media.

As with all good magic, the entire process happens in a blink of an eye, seamlessly integrated into your registration process to make it almost unnoticeable. CLICK HERE TO DO A REAL-TIME DEMO

The result? Remarkable community engagement, and attendee growth, conversion and retention. Check out our case studies, where an InGo customers shares their results.