The fog has been lifted on Exhibitors! Now, utilizing InGo ExIntel (pronounced "ex-intel"), your Exhibitors will know who in their network is attending the event and they can see those already attending. They can invite their network directly via InGo widgets and get notified when they join the community. Your Exhibitors will know who to spend time with, what businesses to pursue on the show floor and how to best utilize their time. Get ExIntel today.


1. Exhibitors SOCIALly SIGN ON

Social media is the familiar face in a sea of strangers. Your registrants already have a social media profile, maybe even two. Why not let them utilize their preferred method of login and identity on the internet? Exactly our thoughts. It's why we built our suite of widgets to interact seamlessly. Your registrants become Advocates the moment they sign in using social media. They're now activated, armed and ready to engage your community. Let them start using social media and we'll take care of the rest.

2. Exhibitors Can See and search who's attending 

Speed up registration by allowing the Advocate to get their commonly entered details auto-populated on the page. We can autofill first name, last name, email, confirm email, job title, company name, twitter handle and Linkedin handle. You could say we do the heavy lifting. Give your registrants fingers a rest and let us speed up their registration. You probably already have too many pages in-between the start and end of your workflow. Let's make that in-between section a little brighter, a little lighter, and quite a bit faster. Let's InGo!

3. Now, Exhibitors Can SEE WHO's GOING AND WHO's NOt

ExIntel provides your Exhibitors with the ability to log in socially, see who is already attending and the ability to see who specifically in their network is attending. It also gives you a revenue share opportunity. Setup is simple. See our setup guide here:

... Or see more features here