See and Be Seen. Invite Your Customers.

The fog has been lifted on Exhibitors! Now, utilizing InGo ExIntel, (as in "Exhibitor Intelligence"), your Exhibitors will know who in their network is attending the event and they can see those already attending. They can invite their network directly via our widgets and get notified when they join the community. Your Exhibitors will know who to spend time with, what businesses to pursue on the show floor and how to best utilize their time. Get ExIntel and empower your Exhibitors!


1. Exhibitors GET SOCIAL

Social media is the familiar face in a sea of strangers. Your Exhibitors are naturally incentivized to invite their customers and friends. Why not let them utilize their preferred method of login and identity on the internet? Those are exactly our thoughts. It's why we built this Exhibitor experience, so Exhibitors can interact with your event seamlessly. Once your Exhibitors sign in, they're now activated, armed and ready to engage their networks and your community. Let them get the intelligence they need to:

  • See who's already going
  • Invite their customers and friends
  • Get notified when someone in their network signs up


2. Exhibitors Can See & search who's attending

Once Exhibitors get access to the website housing our widgets, they can browse, search, filter and find any attendee who is already attending who registered using InGo via our Who's-In tab. In addition, they can also invite their friends and customers and post to their network that they're attending your event. 

exintel is a Revenue Share Opportunity

ExIntel provides your Exhibitors with the ability to log in socially, see who is already attending and the ability to see who specifically in their network is attending. It also gives you a revenue share opportunity. Setup is simple. The opportunity is ripe.

Using ExIntel, you can drive additional revenue for your event! Here's how it works:

  • Determine a price associated to access ExIntel
  • Setup a two-page website
  • Exhibitors purchase access to the intelligence (our widgets) and we route them to the page post purchase.

... Or, contact us today to learn more.

*ExIntel is currently in beta. Please contact your InGo rep to learn more about pricing.