Get Influence. Get Growth. Get Social.

InGo's flagship product consists of a suite of widgets that work in concert to activate, engage and amplify your attendees at the most vital moment of registration. Ready, set, InGo!


1. Activate Your Community

Social media is the familiar face in a sea of strangers. Your registrants already have a social media profile, maybe even two. Why not let them utilize their preferred method of login and identity on the internet? Exactly our thoughts. It's why we built our suite of widgets to interact seamlessly. Your registrants become Advocates the moment they sign in using social media. They're now activated and ready to engage your community. Let them start using our social media apps and we'll take care of the rest.



Speed up registration by allowing the Advocate to get their commonly entered details auto-populated on the page. We can autofill first name, last name, email, confirm email, job title, company name, Twitter handle and LinkedIn handle. You could say we do the heavy lifting. Give your registrant's fingers a rest and let us speed up their registration. You probably already have too many pages in-between the start and end of your workflow. Let's make that in-between section a little brighter, a little lighter, and quite a bit faster. Let's InGo!



3. Your Community AMPLIFies YOUR MESSAGE

Your community is already engaged in your content, your event and your brand. They are the living, breathing reasons you have an event in the first place. And, contrary to popular thought, they do not want to be marketed to, they want to co-market on your behalf. They want to showcase their online brand to their network. Your brand is now part of that vital discussion. On your confirmation page, your Advocates will engage your community, invite their friends and colleagues and post to social media.

We make it easy. Heck, we even pre-select targeted contacts in their network, based on our socially-smart search algorithm. Harness the power of your community and let them co-market your brand for you!


EnGage Community Version

  • Free on any InGo Partner

  • Consists of Social-Sign On and Who's-In Only
  • Turn on with a flip of a switch

EnGage Growth Version

  • All Marketing Features, Notifications and Autofilling

  • Organizer Crafted Automatic Social Media Posting

  • Organizer Crafted Social Media Invite Messaging

  • Linking to Your Company Facebook Page in any Post