About InGo

InGo is an award-winning event marketing web app that empowers event organizers and registration companies to exponentially grow their events using InGo’s socially-smart search algorithm.  InGo effortlessly integrates with clients’ landing pages and registration systems through its suite of client-customized web apps.  InGo’s web apps allow your attendees to socially register and spread your event across their social networks.  InGo empowers attendees to send personalized invites to their network, increasing your event’s reach and impact.  The result is remarkable engagement and growth while acquiring new quality attendees, something every event organizer needs and wants.



Event organizers average double-digit attendance growth when they utilize InGo to its full potential.  Top organizers like Reed Exhibitions, informa, DMG, UBM, i2i, Emerald Expositions, Diversified and more have implemented InGo as the definitive growth tool.

InGo Features

  • Social Registration - Speeds up registration and makes it easy to opt in socially.

  • Who’s In  - Gets the target audience excited about the event by showing them who is going, who they know and who they want to get to know.

  • Social Posting - Makes it easy for event attendees to let their friends and colleagues know they are excited about going.

  • Personal Invites - Help attendees invite their most relevant connections by suggesting people in their network who would most likely be interested in the event.


InGo is the event organizer’s marketing solution.  If you want to experience double-digit growth, a more engaged attendee and have attendees market for you, then ditch the old, outdated tools and utilise the socially-smart InGo platform for all of your events. This is the power InGo instills for every event, every organizer, every time.