InGo Wins Coveted International Award

InGo was the recipient of the Event Tech Live award for "Best Event Software" in 2014.

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Empower Your Attendees: Create InGo Advocates

The only social marketing software of its kind, InGo empowers Advocates to create communities through use of their social networks, leading to more meaningful connections and events.

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InGo's Success with Industry Leaders

Discover some of the milestones that have propelled InGo to revolutionize the Corporate Event Industry.

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Our Clients

We Grow Events.

An Event of 5,000 Attendees with 25% Social Sign-On

(1,250 Advocates) means an additional 656,250 Contacts in Reach!

InGo empowers organizers by creating Advocates for your Event

See Who is Influential

Learn who are the best connected people at your Event.

Personal Invitations

Enable Advocate Attendees to send customized messages to their Social Network Contacts to encourage them to attend the Event.

Social Emails

Send emails to relevant Social Network Contacts to show them who is attending the Event.

See Who's In

Event website visitors can quickly search to see if their Social Network Contacts are Advocates for the Event.

We also enable Advocates to share their excitement about your Event


Incorporate Incentives and Points to encourage Event Attendees to register Socially!

Social Sign On

Allow your Registrants to associate their Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles with their Registration record or Ticket purchase.

Social Search Algorithm

InGo's peerless Social Network Contact ranking system ensures that your Attendees can quickly send Personal Invitations to the exact right person.

Social Broadcasting

Learn who are the best connected people at your Event.

Billions of people use Social Networks online every day... And this is just the beginning!

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